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Car Shipping Chicago

Shipping a car from Chicago to Los Angeles, or between any other state, has specific benefits and challenges. While the basic tenets of the industry are similar to any other location, Chicago – because of its size and climate – brings its own unique personality to the process.

Chicago Car Shipping Services

Due to its size, Chicago has more of almost everything than all but two American cities: More people, more sports teams, more traffic congestion, and certainly more weather issues. All of these (except for the teams) has an impact on the auto transport industry.

Car Shipping Carrier Availability

Because of such a high population, there is generally more demand for auto shipping – and this, for the most part, means there is a larger supply of trucks able to move these cars. However, it does not mean that trucks are just hanging around and able to pick up/deliver your car every two or three days like clockwork.

How long does it take to ship a car to or from Chicago?

Even in Chicago, Schedule Flexibility is still the absolute number one aspect of this process. For example, don’t limit yourself to a two or even three day pickup window because there may not be a good carrier that can be where you need them in that time frame. And even if something is scheduled, delays can and do occur – and winters in Chicago are often a cause for that.

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Ship a car from Chicago to Florida

Those Chicago winters also tend to cause a large number of “Snow birds” – folks who go down south for a few months. So in winter and spring, Chicago becomes part of what we call a “seasonal route.”  During these times, prices rise (or drop, depending on your direction) in a fairly steep manner. Moving your car to FL in between November and February will cost a lot more than if you were doing it at other times in the year.

Chicago Car Shipping Companies

But, because of the high demand for rides around Chicago, there will be far more trucks making these trips than in most other places.

Door to Door Car Shipping

While we do provide a “Door to Door” service, most of the carriers have very large trucks that cannot navigate some of the tight blocks of Chicago or its urban congestion. If that’s the case with your location, then you would simply meet a carrier at a parking lot – or some other nearby location that can accommodate the truck.

Ship a car to or from Chicago areas

Even if you’re in what you consider the “Chicago metropolitan area,” if you’re far enough outside of the city – especially to the west or east – then it may require a little more financial incentive to get a carrier to come out to you.

Ship a Car Direct

If you’re considering shipping your car to or from Chicago at any time, please feel free to contact us with more specific questions about your trip. We’ll be happy to help.

Most popular routes for car shipping to/from Chicago

To help you choose the best service, check out our rates and timeframes

FROM TO Price* Delivery Window
Chicago Miami $675 - $975 4 - 7 days
Chicago Los Angeles $775 - $975 4 - 7 days
Chicago Phoenix $750 - $950 3 - 6 days
Chicago New York $600 - $800 3 - 5 days
Seattle Chicago $825 - $1025 3 - 6 days
Houston Chicago $600 - $800 3 - 5 days
Atlanta Chicago $600 - $800 3 - 5 days
Los Angeles Chicago $775 - $975 4 - 7 days
* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of March 2024. Check up to date pricing here

How much does it cost to ship a car from Chicago to Los Angeles?

The cost for shipping a car from Chicago to Los Angeles may very depending on the time of year and the size of your vehicle, but you can reasonably expect to pay anywhere from $775 to $975 for a regular sized car. Use our free Car Shipping Quote Calculator to get a better idea.

How long does it take to ship a car from LA to Chicago?

The average transit time to ship a car from LA to Chicago is 4 to 7 days. Sometimes it can get there in less than 4 days but it rarely takes more than a week.

Can I pack stuff in my car when I ship it?

People ship items in their cars all the time but it's important to remember a few things; there may be extra charges, the items are not insured and the driver needs to be able to see out of all of the windows. Keep it to a minimum to avoid hassles and added costs.

Is Chicago Car Shipping Door to Door?

Provided that the carrier can get an 18 wheeled truck right to your door safely, then they will pick up your car right from your door. If that's not possible, then they will find a nearby area to safely load or unload your vehicle, but they will still get it from and deliver it to you directly.

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