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Pennsylvania Car Shipping Services

Whether you’re shipping a car to Pennsylvania or In search of auto transport out of state? Ship a Car Direct is here to assist you in finding the perfect car carrier tailored to your requirements and at a reasonable rate. We facilitate car shipments nationwide, and Pennsylvania remains a top choice for many when it comes to both shipping to and from.

Coming up, we’ll address some common questions about employing car shipping services in Pennsylvania. Additionally, we’ll alleviate some of your main concerns regarding car transportation.

Car Transport Companies in Pennsylvania

Though numerous car transport options exist, you’ve landed on our page. So, let’s delve into Ship a Car Direct’s smooth car shipping solutions tailored for Pennsylvania.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car To and From Pennsylvania?

  • Shipping times to and from Pennsylvania can vary based on the origin and destination of the pickup as well as the delivery.
  • Typically, when using experienced car shipping companies in Pennsylvania like Ship a Car Direct, shipping cars to Pennsylvania from neighboring states might take 1-3 days.
  • For car transport from Pennsylvania all the way to the West Coast, it could range from 7-10 days. Sometimes less, but that’s a safe average for planning purposes.

What is the Cost to Ship a Car to and from Pennsylvania

  • The price to ship a car is influenced by various elements, such as how far it’s going, the size of the vehicle, whether the car is in working order, and the chosen transport method, be it open or enclosed.
  • Many customers lean towards open transport because it’s more affordable, but when it comes to luxury cars, we always suggest going with enclosed auto transport.
  • For an accurate quote, contact our team, and we’ll offer a competitive estimate tailored to your unique needs.
  • You can also calculate an average price range to ship a car by using our Free Online Car Shipping Quote Calculator.

Average Pickup Time to Ship a Car from Pennsylvania

  • Given Pennsylvania’s central position on the East Coast, its closeness to big cities, and its easily accessible, well-kept highways, the usual pickup times for car shipments from Pennsylvania generally range between 1-3 days.
  • Seasonal demand, weather, and location can be contributing factors to pick up times as well.

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Notable Cities in Pennsylvania

  1. Harrisburg: The capital city of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, is steeped in history and situated along the picturesque Susquehanna River. This vibrant city offers a mix of rich heritage, with sites like the National Civil War Museum, and contemporary attractions, including an array of restaurants, shops, and arts venues. The scenic Riverfront Park provides residents and visitors with a peaceful retreat right in the heart of the city. Harrisburg plays a significant role in the state’s political, cultural, and economic life, making it a dynamic hub that retains its welcoming, small-town charm. Shipping your vehicle to or from Harrisburg is simple with Ship a Car Direct.
  2. Philadelphia: Affectionately known as “Philly,” Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city and is brimming with historical significance. As the birthplace of American democracy, it’s home to iconic landmarks such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were adopted. Beyond its rich history, Philadelphia boasts a vibrant arts scene, eclectic neighborhoods, and the famous Philly cheesesteak. Whether you’re shipping a car for school or moving to this historic city, our car transport services ensure a smooth experience.
  3. Pittsburgh: Often referred to as the “Steel City” due to its historical ties to the steel industry, Pittsburgh is a dynamic metropolis nestled at the confluence of three rivers. A city of bridges, it boasts a unique topography and picturesque riverfronts. Over the years, Pittsburgh has transformed from an industrial hub to a center of innovation, with strengths in healthcare, education, and technology. Our services extend to this great city, making car shipping to or from Pittsburgh convenient.
  4. Allentown: Situated in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Allentown has transformed from its steel production roots to embrace a diverse economy, including healthcare and services. The city features the lively PPL Center and the Allentown Art Museum, blending history with modern attractions. With its scenic Lehigh Parkway and rich cultural offerings, Allentown is a vibrant mix of the past and present. Don’t skip a visit to Allentown, it’s inspiring! Ship a Car Direct facilitates car shipping to and from Allentown, ensuring that your vehicle arrives safely.

Why Choose Ship a Car Direct for Your Pennsylvania Car Shipping Needs?

  1. Proven Vehicle Shipping: With Ship a Car Direct, you’re choosing a recognized leader in Pennsylvania auto transportation, promising consistent reliability.
  2. Diverse Transportation Choices: Our services span from open to enclosed auto transport and even speedy pickups, ensuring promptness and adaptability for car owners.
  3. Unwavering Commitment: We pride ourselves on our dedication to unparalleled customer service and the utmost care for vehicle safety.
  4. Preferred by Many: Be it Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or any other locale in Pennsylvania, our comprehensive car shipping services encompass the whole of the Commonwealth.
  5. Assured No-Damage Pledge: It might be surprising to find this gem so far down the list. Among Pennsylvania car shipping entities, only Ship a Car Direct offers the unique promise of a Damage Free Guarantee program.

When seeking a dependable car shipping company in Pennsylvania, turn to the proficiency of Ship a Car Direct. With a rich history of expertise and an unwavering dedication to top-tier customer care, we hold a distinguished position among auto transport providers in Pennsylvania. Contact us today for a stress-free car shipping experience.
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Popular routes for car shipping to or from Pennsylvania

To help you choose the best service, check out our Pennsylvania Auto Transport rates and timeframes

FROM TO Price* Delivery Window
Pennsylvania Florida $800 - $1050 2 - 4 days
Pennsylvania Arizona $950 - $1200 5 - 7 days
Pennsylvania California $950 - $1300 7 - 9 days
Texas Pennsylvania $550 - $900 3 - 5 days
Washington Pennsylvania $900 - $1350 8 - 10 days
* The Prices shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of March 2024. Check up to date pricing here

Pennsylvania Car Shipping to or from another state

Browse a state to discover additional details about nearby Pennsylvania Auto Transport options

How much is it to ship a car from PA to CA?

The cost of shipping a car from one coast to another can fluctuate over the course of the year; however, for a standard vehicle, you can generally anticipate a figure around $1000. Use our Free Online Car Shipping Quote Calculator to get an estimated price without having to share any of your personal contact info.

What is the best auto transport company to use?

Having served for over 15 years with a BBB A+ Rating and Accreditation, complemented by numerous 5-star reviews across prominent car shipping review platforms, Ship a Car Direct stands out as the premier auto transport company in the industry. But don't just take our word for it, call or request a car shipping quote online and experience our excellent customer service firsthand.

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