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Classic Car Transport

Classic cars and older vintage cars are relics that chronicle automotive history. Their value cannot be overstated. Not only are vintage, antique and classic cars a way to feel tangible connections to automotive engineering when it was in its infancy, but they still give us unsurpassed pleasure as we drive and enjoy them today.

Of course, if others are to enjoy these treasures, they must be shared. Often, sharing classic cars requires shipping them to and from car shows and competitions all over the country. To protect your classic or collector car from any damage, it makes sense to use specialty car transport services like the ones we offer at Ship a Car Direct.

Importance of Using Classic Car Transport

Transporting a classic or vintage car is always a potentially risky and troublesome undertaking. If you are new at this, and do not personally know a classic car transporter, make sure you choose a company that has experience shipping classic cars safely.

First, do not just randomly pick a trucking company off the internet to safely store and transport your car. Ship a Car Direct is experienced in arranging shipping for valuable pieces of automotive history like your classic car.

Also, be sure you know what you’re getting into and what kind of protection is offered. Some things to consider include:

Enclosed — Make sure the classic car covered transport uses completely sealed trailers. Dirt and debris constantly fly up off the road surface. Your classic car’s exterior must be protected from the damage this can cause, which is why an enclosed car carrier is the universal choice of classic car enthusiasts.
Insured — The hauler you choose must be bonded and insured against damage and loss. Inquire as to the coverage amounts and any unusual contingencies of their coverage.
Experience — Nothing can be as reassuring as extensive experience when it comes to doing this important job. Experienced car shipping companies have a huge advantage that new transporters just cannot match. They know all the ways of making your precious cargo safe and secure.
Assurance — If you are not absolutely comfortable with any detail the carrier shares, do not use them. Anything other than complete assurance from your hauler is simply not sufficient. For this reason, we take the time to discuss all aspects of shipping a vintage car so that you know what to expect and enjoy better peace of mind.

Essential Classic Car Transport Pre-shipping Steps

Take these essential measures before shipping your car:

  • Snap some pics: Use a high-quality camera and take dated, time-stamped photos of every section of your car. Better yet, take a dated, time-stamped video of the car on the day of shipment using Ship A Car Direct’s FREE Damage App, available on iOS and Android.
  • Confirm your insurance coverage. Avoid the old “that coverage is not stated in your policy” gotcha.
  • Confirm shipping details. Cover everything from how the car will be secured, the route taken and the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
  • Stacked Vehicles — Ask if the hauler is going to be stacking vehicles. Require that yours be shipped on the top rack if the transporter does haul double-deck loads.

Preparing Your Classic Car for Shipment

  • Go Over the Entire Vehicle — Take your time and go over every inch of the vehicle inside and outside, the engine bay and underneath. Make sure the hood, doors and trunk open and close as they should. Make a list and check it off as you complete your thorough inspection.
  • Exterior — Pay special attention to the exterior features like trim, mirrors, hood ornaments and all other attached parts on the exterior. Carefully go over the condition of the exterior finish. Make note of any scratches or pre-existing paint job flaws. Inspect all chrome and their attachments looking for any loose or missing connector pins holding the chrome in place.
  • Interior — Visually inspect the complete interior. Start with the headliner, its overhead light and overall condition. Do the same for the seats and test their adjustment feature if they are so equipped. Check door handles, armrests, dash features and gauges.
  • Undercarriage — Carefully inspect the undercarriage. Check brake lines, cables, transmission case and oil pan condition. Make note of any pre-existing dents, scrapes or other damage.
  • Start the Vehicle — Start the vehicle, let it run and listen for any issues. Take it for a short test drive and check out its overall drivability. Check the steering, braking and handling.

You want to know every detail of the car’s overall condition first hand so you can be sure the vehicle was not damaged during transport.

Be there to meet the car upon its arrival, watch the unloading and inspect it immediately, in the presence of witnesses, as it is rolled off the hauler. Make note of any damages you see and bring them to the classic car shipping company’s attention right then and document them. Do not wait for hours or even days later to broach any damages.

Follow the steps above to enjoy sharing your automotive “time capsule” with all those who share the enjoyment that classic and vintage cars give. And when you’re ready to ship a classic car to its next car show, contact us for classic car shipping quotes that respect and protect your investment!

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