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Fast and Reliable Car Shipping in Houston

When you’re looking to transport your vehicle, choosing the right car shipping company in Houston is key. With a variety of auto transport services available, you can expect a blend of quality and efficiency that makes the process smooth and straightforward.


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How Long Does Houston Car Shipping Take?

Wondering about the journey time for your beloved car? The duration for car shipping to and from Houston depends on the distance. For local Texas moves, it might be a matter of just a few days. If your vehicle is making a cross-country trek, it could take up to 14 days, but with its central location, up to 7 days is more likely when shipping to and from Texas.

These are approximate transit times for auto transport in Houston and can vary based on factors like traffic, weather conditions, and specific details of the transport service.

Route Estimated Shipping Time
Houston to Dallas, TX 1-2 days
Houston to San Antonio, TX 1-2 days
Houston to Austin, TX 1-2 days
Houston to New Orleans, LA 2-3 days
Houston to Atlanta, GA 3-5 days
Houston to Los Angeles, CA 5-7 days
Houston to Denver, CO 3-5 days
Houston to Chicago, IL 5-7 days
Houston to Miami, FL 5-7 days
Houston to New York, NY 5-7 days
Houston to Phoenix, AZ 5-7 days
Houston to Seattle, WA 5-7 days


Costs of Car Shipping in Houston

What’s it going to cost to ship a car? Car shipping costs to and from Houston aren’t one-size-fits-all. They can vary widely, influenced by the type of transport, the types of vehicles, and the distance traveled. Open transport is a wallet-friendly option, while enclosed carriers are a bit more premium. Auto shipping services can range from a few hundred bucks for short hauls to a few thousand for longer treks.

Average Pickup Times in Houston

Houston auto shipping is efficient. The average pickup time to ship a car from Houston is often within 72 hours of booking with your chosen car transport company. Opting for door-to-door services can streamline the process even more, ensuring that pickups and drop-offs are as convenient as possible.

Popular Shipping Routes

Houston is a hot spot for car shipping, with popular routes running to major cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and even out to Los Angeles and New York. Whether it’s the bustling city streets or the long stretches of highway for longer distances, Houston’s car transport services have it covered.

Ready to Ship Your Car?

When it’s time to ship a car, Ship a Car Direct is here to help. To prepare your vehicle, remove personal items, ensure it has a quarter tank of gas, and check for any pre-existing damage. Whether you choose an open transport or an enclosed carrier, rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

With reliable car transport services, shipping your car to or from Houston, TX, is a breeze. And with a little planning, the process will be as smooth as the ride in your own car. Start your quote today!

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