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Jul 10, 2024

Looking to ship a car to New York City? Or maybe you’re craving the quiet of Upstate New York? Or maybe you’re looking to leave the Empire State?

No matter your situation, auto transport rates are competitive in this state, and we want to get you the best price possible while also getting your car delivered quickly and safely. Learn more about car shipping to and from New York, and why you should choose Ship a Car Direct for your auto transport needs.

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Ship Your Car To or From New York

Ship a Car Direct offers various types of auto shipping services to and from the state of New York, including:

  • Cross Country Auto Shipping: Long distance moves are a lot of work, but shipping your car doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re relocating from California to New York or you’re looking for southern skies in Texas, we’ll get your car to your destination, no matter how far it is!
  • Snowbird Auto Transport: We have a ton of clients who spend their winters in the warm climes of Florida before venturing back to New York during the summer. Get your car there and back again quickly and easily with our snowbird car shipping.
  • Open Car Transport: One of the more popular and affordable options, we offer open car transport that will get your car to your destination without putting a dent in your wallet.
  • Enclosed Car Transport: Want to further protect your investment? Enclosed car carriers provide protection from the elements so you can have peace of mind that your vehicle will get to your destination in one piece.
  • Classic Car Transport: Eliminate the risk associated with shipping classic and vintage cars with our specialty car transportation services.
  • Door to Door Auto Transport: Find your car waiting right outside your door with our door to door auto shipping service.

We provide pickup from a dealer for new car deliveries nationwide with experienced professional drivers who understand the process. We know that people can be anxious about letting someone else drive or transport their prized possession - so we offer great rates and excellent customer service! As leaders in the auto transport industry, we strive to provide competitive auto transport rates.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to New York?

The prices vary based on several factors, such as if the vehicle is being shipped alone or with other vehicles and how far away the destination is (the price will increase for further travel). Be sure to use our instant car shipping estimate calculator to get a better idea of how much the final cost will be.

Why Are Auto Transport Rates Competitive in NYC?

New York City is home to two million cars and plenty of willing drivers to work as auto transport carriers. You will have next to no problem finding a vehicle hauler that is ready to move your car. However, the increased competition due to population means the prices are also competitive. With multiple transport companies to choose from, you can always find a fantastic deal. Contact us right now to learn more about our services.

Upstate New York doesn't have the same demographics, so their transport services may cost more. Still, you can always find an auto transport company to work within your budget. Affordable auto transport is becoming a necessity for more people every day.

How Are the Cars Removed From the Back of the Truck?

Enclosed auto transport helps get the vehicle to the point of destination. Once there, our team will help with the rest. We carefully remove each car, one at a time, ensuring no damage occurs during the process.

Does My Car Need to Be Washed Before Shipping, or Can I Clean It Before Delivery?

It's crucial to wash your car to make it as clean as possible. Although this may seem silly because you're putting it on a truck, it's imperative. Always get your vehicle in its best-looking shape before shipping. Doing that will save you hassles later.

It doesn't matter to us which type of vehicle you plan on moving; our team can help. We are leaders in the auto transport field and are standing by to provide top service.

We offer auto transport from New York and all over America! If you have any specific queries at all about this particular service, contact us now. That's always the best way to approach a transport service.

Why Are Car Moving Rates Higher in Upstate New York?

There are several factors that contribute to the higher car moving rates in Upstate New York.

The first factor is gas prices. The state of New York has high taxes on fuel. And in fact, New York City has some of the highest in all of the United States. At the time of this writing, the statewide average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded was just under $3.00.

Secondly, there's a higher cost to shipping a car because it requires more effort than any other item that may travel within NYC or New York State. To help avoid confusion or surprises, getting a free estimate first is always a wise decision. You'll never have any surprises when you deal with A1 Auto Transport.

Can I Get a Flat Rate Price on Car Shipping?

The prices vary based on the distance between pickup and drop-off locations and the number of items shipped per vehicle load. Our moving companies offer competitive rates for transporting cars locally and for long distances across the country.

You should have a proper vehicle title and vehicle registration. We fill out the application for a vehicle, vehicle certificates, vehicle insurance cards, and deferment for vehicles.

Unless we have specific information on where your car is going to or where it's coming from, it's impossible to give a flat rate. Contact us now for an estimate of how much it will cost to transport your vehicle. That way, you won't have any surprises.

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