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Dec 19, 2023

How to Ship Your Car to and From Florida

Florida is one of the most popular states for relocating, and for good reason. With a subtropical climate and plenty of sunny beaches where you can lay out and relax, you’ll feel as though you’re on vacation year-round.

Maybe you are looking for a vacation house to spend during the northern winter. Perhaps you finally want to spend your retirement time in the Sunshine State. Or maybe you are relocating to Florida for a different reason. But no matter your goal, this will always turn out to be a big move.

While relocating to Florida, your car will be among the many possessions that you will probably need to transport. Shipping your vehicle from any state to Florida won't be a challenge. However, not all car shipping companies operate the same. Here, we will tell you how to ship your car to and from Florida and the average pricing.

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Tips for Using Florida Car Transport Companies

We understand—cars are a big investment, and you want it protected as much as possible while it’s in transit to your new Florida home. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you choose a professional car shipping company that will protect your vehicle from damage while also delivering it in a timely manner.

Ship a Car Direct offers flexible transport options that will suit your car’s needs, from the time it’s loaded on our carrier to its arrival on your doorstep. If this is your first time using car shipping services, here are a few tips to help smooth the process:

  1. When you call a company to get a quote for your shipment to Florida, don’t be fooled into believing that the broker is the carrier themselves. You will know they are a broker if they ask you for an upfront fee or deposit before giving you the carrier’s details.
  2. At Ship a Car Direct, we do not ask for a deposit until we have found you a highly rated, fully insured, professional carrier for your move and provided you with their name and contact information.
  3. Due to the nature of this business, the price you are quoted is not reflective of the final cost. Rather, we will work with carriers to get as close to the quoted cost as much as possible.
  4. Set dates are also not a guarantee since carriers are always up against a number of factors that can increase transit time, including rough weather, traffic, and sometimes vehicle trouble. If there is a delay and you cannot meet at the scheduled time, we’re happy to work out a new time with you.
  5. As a coastal state in the deep south, travel to Florida is quite a trek for most carriers. Depending on where you currently live, it can take anywhere from three days to two weeks for your car to be delivered.
  6. Ship a Car Direct is not licensed to broker the shipment of household goods, and our carriers are not licensed to transport them across state lines, so if you wish to pack your vehicle with personal belongings, keep in mind that they will not be insured. If the carrier agrees to haul your car with items inside, they will likely wish to be compensated.
  7. When the carrier arrives at your location to pick up or drop off your vehicle, you do not necessarily have to be present. As long as someone is there, the carrier will notify any contact you give to us who you wish to hand over or receive your car upon arrival in Florida.

Florida Car Shipping Methods

There are two car shipping methods in Florida.

  1. Open Transport Truck
    This method is ideal since it maximizes all the truck's space to fit more than 10 cars. This helps in saving on fuel expenses and is even considered as the most efficient transport option. The high-cost efficiency and convenience make it the best choice for regular cars such as sedans and minivans.
  2. Enclosed Transport Truck
    As an owner of an expensive and high-end luxury car, you may have different privacy and security needs. With an enclosed transport truck, you can attain security, environmental risk reduction, and safer shipping. However, this method's price tends to be higher, but rest assured that your vehicle is safe and well taken care of.

Nailing Down the Cost

Before requesting quotes from a Florida car shipping company, the following factors play a part in the prices offered:

  1. Location
    Generally, delivering vehicles between two small cities tends to be expensive compared to large cities. Therefore, if you are shipping your car to Florida, you might opt to send it to Miami, Tampa, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale. Whichever the case, always choose the city that is convenient for you.
  2. Size of the vehicle
    Bigger cars always occupy a huge carrier space, increasing the cost of delivery. The same case applies to heavier cars; the more the weight, the more costly it will be.
  3. The season
    Typically in the winter, shipping demands are lower, resulting in lower prices. However, Florida is a bit different, as many northerners flock to the warmer climate in the winter months.
  4. Mode of delivery
    You can also decide to make delivery more or less expensive by choosing the method of shipping. Selecting a concealed carrier will be more costly compared to an uncovered one.
  5. Pick-up date
    The pick-up date also has a massive effect on the price of the shipment. Generally, the shipping company will contact you on the specific date to pick up your car, leaving the vehicle's arrival at its discretion. However, if you want it to arrive on a particular date and time, you will have to pay an additional cost to make sure that happens.

How to Prepare a Car for Shipment

Below are tips you need to ship your car to Florida successfully:

  1. Check licensing and insurance coverage
    Any car shipping company must ensure that it registers with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. By registering with the institution, the company receives a USDOT number that proves its safety record and licensing.
    Always ensure that you ask for the USDOT number before choosing a shipping company. If the company neglects to offer a USDOT number, you can move on.
    Always ensure that you check on your insurance and the carrier's insurance. Even top-notch shippers may occasionally damage the car, so you must double-check the company's coverage.
  2. Know when to ship and book
    Since many are planning to travel just like you, it is good to book in advance. It is always good to leave room for delays and shipping.
  3. Know your shipping and pick-up times
    The details of shipping a car differ from sending a cargo package. Why? It is more expensive, bulkier, and slower. Furthermore, if you are shipping your car to a remote area, the cost will increase compared to shipping to major cities.

Why Use Ship a Car Direct

Here are a couple of reasons using Ship a Car Direct is beneficial.

  1. We offer door-to-door shipping only
    Choosing Ship a Car Direct will save you from the hassle of dropping your car off at one point and picking it up at another. Furthermore, we always ensure that the carrier who picks up the vehicle will be the one to drop off your car. The only exception occurs when there are no safe or adequate parking slots for the carrier. If such a scenario occurs, the car will be delivered to a nearby spot from where you can pick it up.
  2. We provide a damage-free guarantee
    Ship a Car Direct is the best option if you are looking for protection against damage when on transit. To ensure that this is met, we only use insured and licensed companies that guarantee against a loss. However, if a carrier refuses to pay for the accident, Ship a Car Direct will pay $500 of your deductible if you file a claim to your insurance company.

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