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Jul 10, 2024

Single Car Transporter Services Guaranteed

When you decide to have your vehicle shipped from one location to another, you want to take all the right steps to ensure your car is safe during transport. Especially if you are transporting a new, luxury, or antique vehicle.

Single car enclosed transport is the solution. 

Take the necessary precautions to protect your asset. 

What is Single Car Enclosed Transport?

Enclosed transport is where your vehicle is shipped inside an enclosed carrier.

Traditional open carriers are cheaper, but your car is more vulnerable to outdoor elements including bad weather, dirt, rocks, and debris. 

More on what to expect when shipping a car.

With single car enclosed transport, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is completely secure during its travel. If you decide to utilize enclosed car transport, you will also have the option of choosing single car enclosed transport.

The Best Choice for Rare, Vintage, or Luxury Vehicles

Typical enclosed transport trailers can hold up to seven vehicles, but as the name suggests, a single car enclosed trailer or covered single car transporter holds and transports only one car at a time. 

If you own a rare, vintage, or luxury vehicle you want the peace of mind of knowing that your car is the only vehicle in transit. Drivers who offer enclosed car shipping services are specially trained to make sure your vehicle remains secure at all times and arrives safely at its destination. At Ship a Car Direct, we ensure those drivers are licensed and capable, and all auto enclosed shipping comes with our damage-free guarantee.

Advantages of Single Vehicle Transport

1. Safe and Secure

Enclosed car shipping services are without a doubt the safest and most secure way to ship a vehicle. That’s because it provides absolute protection from inclement weather, rocks, insects, road debris, and other mishaps that can happen on an open carrier.

2. Special features ensure maximum protection.

  • Liftgate technology to ensure your vehicle is safely loaded onto the trailer
  • Fluid-tight decks to protect your vehicle from leakage
  • Climate control haulage to keep your vehicle at a stable temperature throughout transport
  • Electronic track flooring to help secure your vehicle to the trailer in order to prevent shifting or movement during transport

The Cost of Single Car Enclosed Shipment

There are many factors that determine the price of single car auto transport, including the trailer type, the size of the vehicle, pickup, and delivery locations, the distance of the transport, as well as the urgency of the shipment.

You can expect a single auto transport shipping method to cost twice as much as open trailer transportation. You also have to consider that since your vehicle is the only one on the trailer, you may have to wait a little longer for your shipment.


What are enclosed car shipping rates?

Enclosed car shipping rates will vary depending on a few factors, but a safe rule for calculation is anywhere between 1 and 2 dollars per mile, with the figure pushing closer to $1 per mile on long moves and $2 per mile on shorter moves. You can easily calculate an enclosed car shipping rate by using our online car shipping calculator, it requires no personal info and can be found here:

How many cars fit in an enclosed car hauler?

Enclosed car haulers come in all shapes and sizes, with specialized trailers that haul only one car to larger enclosed car haulers that can fit as many as eight vehicles. For most people researching enclosed car shipping, you will usually end up with an enclosed car carrier that holds between 4 to 6 cars.

How do you transport two cars at once?

The safest way to transport two cars at once is to hire a professional car shipping company. While it might be easy enough to rent a tow behind car dolly for one car, two cars will need a much longer trailer with a heavy duty truck that can pull it and will be much more difficult to maneuver. Don't put yourself and those around you in danger if you've never driven such a truck. Hire a professional car movers. You'll be glad you did.

How many cars can be transported at once?

An car carrier will hold anywhere from 8 to 10 being transported and an enclosed car carrier will normally hold about 4 to 6 cars.

What is the difference between a cargo trailer and a car hauler?

A cargo trailer will basically be a big open box, with side rails on the walls for tying down the cargo inside. Most people have used these at least once as a rental when moving from stat to state. A car hauler has two levels with two rails each and specially designed hydraulic systems so that the rails can be configured at different angles to maximize the available space and carry as many cars as possible.

What are the dimensions of a enclosed car trailer?

A smaller single car enclosed trailer may run as short as around 20 feet in length and 7 or eight feet in height, whereas a multi-car enclosed trailer can be as long as 80 feet. In either case, do not plan to take get these trailers into a parking garage or a drive thru take out lane.

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