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Jul 08, 2024

You're relocating across the country, but can't bear the thought of driving your baby for miles on end.
Totally get it.

Long distance car movers are your best bet for stress-free vehicle shipping.
No need to rack up unnecessary mileage or deal with the headache of handling it yourself.

Just a few quick questions before we dive in:
Ever shipped a car before?
Worried about the costs?
Not sure how the whole process works?

No sweat, I'll break it all down.

Long Distance Car Shipping: The Basics

• Professional auto transporters handle pick-up and delivery
• Door-to-door or terminal transport options available
• Open or enclosed truck carriers to suit your needs
• Streamlined paperwork and billing through a move coordinator

Why Use Long Distance Car Movers?

• Convenience - they do all the driving
• Safety - avoids wear and tear on your vehicle
• Cost-effective - cheaper than driving it yourself long-haul
• Insured for your peace of mind

Booking Long Distance Auto Transport

• Get quotes from reputable national moving companies
• Compare pricing for open vs enclosed carriers
• Book well in advance for best rates/availability
• Confirm pickup/delivery dates and locations

Prepping Your Car for Shipping

• Clean it inside and out
• Note existing dents/scratches
• Disable alarms and remotes
• Leave only 1/4 tank of gas or less

Long Distance Shipping Costs
Pricing depends on:

• Transport distance
• Vehicle make/model
• Open or enclosed carrier
• Door-to-door or terminal service

Typical pricing ranges:

• 500 miles: $500-$1000
• 1000 miles: $700-$1400
• Cross-country: $1000-$2000+

FAQs on Long Distance Car Moving

Q: How long does it take to ship a car long distance?
A: 1-2 weeks for cross-country. Shorter trips take less time.

Q: What's better - open or enclosed transport?
A: Open is cheaper. Enclosed offers more protection but costs more.

Q: Should I get insurance?
A: Most companies include basic coverage, but added insurance provides more peace of mind.

The key with long distance car movers?
Plan ahead and go with a trusted national company.
Let the experts handle your prized possession while you focus on your move

Car Shipping to or from another state

Browse a state to discover additional details about nearby Auto Transport options for Long distance car movers

Frequently Asked Questions

Honest Answers to Your Car Shipping Questions

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