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Shipping your car to another state is a very specific service that requires a professional touch, especially for a central state like Texas.

Most of the time it would be difficult to do this on your own, unless your personal situation meets the optimal criteria: the move is a short distance away from where you live, you don't need to move any special items, and all of your friends are reliable and ready to help you. Renting a truck from a moving company may be another perfectly smart solution.

However, when it comes to transporting your vehicle to a different state that is far away, the only option you have is to either drive all the way there with all of your belongings (which is not recommended) or use the help of a professional car shipping service.

The most important qualities you should look for when selecting a shipping company are trustworthiness and affordability. The last thing you need to worry about on top of all the stresses of moving is your car shipment breaking the bank or your car arriving dented or scratched.

At Ship a Car Direct, we meet all of the criteria for professional car shipping to and from Texas. We review thousands of carriers and weed out the ones that do not meet our elite standards.

We’re so confident that you will be satisfied with your shipment that we also provide an Iron-Clad, Damage Free Guarantee, so you know your car will look just as good upon arrival in Texas as it did when it left your home.

Find out more on shipping your car to Texas and the things you need to know when working with our brokers and carriers below.

How to Prepare Your Car

Being prepared is the best thing you can do when it comes to car shipping. First and foremost, each of your family members will need to pitch in for your car shipment to be a success. Before your family helps you with preparing your car, however, you will need to choose a reputable auto transport company. After you've chosen the appropriate shipping service, it is time to turn your attention toward preparing your car for shipping.

You will want to start by washing down the exterior of your car.

Getting a visual inspection of the vehicle is a good idea, as it will allow you to account for any damages your car has incurred up until now. Document any damages you spot with your phone, and then upload them to the cloud on the Ship a Car Direct phone app. This way, you will have a record for the inspection report you will need to receive and sign before the actual shipping company arrives.

Inspect your vehicle for any signs of leakage. Also inspect the engine compartment and underneath your car. Make sure there is absolutely no leaking around your fuel tank. If you see any leaks, no matter how small, you should have them fixed before the auto shipping company arrives.

To make sure that the shipment does not have any extra weight, you may want to leave your gas tank only 1/4 full. Likewise, the battery in your vehicle needs to be completely charged before they arrive, and the battery should be secure to help prevent it from shifting around while your car is being transported.

Your tires should have a good amount of tire pressure and should have no air leaks.

Check to make sure that the emergency brake in your vehicle is working properly because you will not be able to ship it if it is not.

You will need to remove any expensive personal possessions from the vehicle, such as cell phones, jewelry, and external GPS navigation systems. You will need to do this since the vast majority of shipping companies will not provide extra coverage for personal items.

Try to remove or disable the alarm in your car; many shipping services may be required to remove it in any way they deem suitable should your alarm set off at an inopportune moment.

If your car has any mechanical issues, alert the truck driver of these issues as soon as they arrive. Keep in mind that when the auto shipping company arrives, you will be required to keep your license plate on your car. Other car accessories, like spare tires, emergency kits, and car jumpers can stay in your car. If your vehicle happens to be a convertible, you will need to keep the top secured to help prevent any weather damage while your car is being transported.

Automatic toll tags need to be removed or deactivated before the truck driver comes. You should check with your auto insurance carrier to ensure that your insurance coverage will stay active until your car is delivered. Remember to write down the numbers on your odometer and keep them in a secure area.

Average Pricing Breakdown

The cost of shipping a car can vary, the price can sometimes average to around $500 for short transports and around $1,500 for shipments that are across the country. Of course, shipping your vehicle internationally will cost far more. The size of your vehicle will also play a factor in the shipment price.

If you would like to get a better idea of an estimate for your car transport, try using our free instant car shipping estimate calculator.

How Does Location Affect Transport?

Many factors can influence cost and transit time depending on where your car needs to be picked up, or if you’re moving out of Texas.

  • Car shipping from coast to coast: Whether you’re shipping from New York State or Florida, that’s nearly 3,000 miles of ground to cover. The average length of time for these trips is one to two weeks, depending on conditions.
  • Moving out of Texas: If you’re one of many Texas residents looking to make another state your home, Ship a Car Direct services cities across the state. Just like with shipping to the Lone Star State, the price and length of time depends on the distance of your final destination.

Why You Should Hire a Shipping Company Like Ship a Car Direct

Along with the resources we’ve previously mentioned, we have created helpful car shipping videos to answer any questions or concerns you may have with car shipping. We have a large database that has over 2,500 screened auto shippers for you to choose from, whether you want to ship your car to Texas, whether it’s Houstin, Dallas, Austin or anywhere else. We do not require an upfront fee to provide you with this service. We take the hassle out of car shipping.

If you need further convincing, simply look at the numerous 5-star reviews our team has worked effortlessly to receive.

Contact us today at 866-221-1664 for a free auto shipping quote!

How much does it cost to ship a car to Texas?

The cost to ship a car to Texas will depend on various factors like the city you are shipping to and from and the type of vehicle you are shipping. You can easily calculate your cost without having to provide any personal contact info by using our Free Car Shipping Calculator.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to Texas?

To save money when shipping your car to Texas it's best to meet the carrier in a major metro area like Dallas, Austin or Houston. You also want to be flexible with your shipping dates and try to ship during the winter months if possible.

Who is the best car shipping company in Texas?

Ship a Car Direct is a Los Angeles based car shipping company with over 20 years of experience and stellar online reviews. They are not only the best car shipping company in Texas, they are one of the best car shipping companies in the USA.

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