Car Shipping

Enclosed Car Transport

There are several options to consider if you want to ship your car to a new home or destination. Automobile shipping utilizing an enclosed trailer is uniquely set apart from open transport in many ways. In fact, it’s important to note that enclosed car shipping might be the best option in many situations.

Value of Vehicle

The type of car you are shipping may decide for you if you are going to use enclosed car shipping transportation. When you’re moving a classic or antique vehicle, enclosed car trailers are probably the best overall option to protect your investment.

If you own one of these collector’s automobiles, then you know they are not at all easy to replace or repair. It goes without saying that keeping them safely stored, moved, and protected will be absolutely essential.

Beyond vintage vehicle transport, high-performance cars and trucks that have been modified for specific purposes might be good candidates for enclosed trailers, as well. It is not always the exterior that needs to be protected— what’s under the hood might be a lot more valuable. Expensive or high-end vehicles are among the top recommended candidates for this type of added-safety shipping.

Road Debris

Rocks and other debris kicked up from traffic are unfortunately a fact of life when driving down the road. There is little you can do about what lands on the roadways, but you can minimize the nicks by transporting the car completely covered. Window chips and other damages can occur at any time while driving down the road, but the chances increase exponentially over long hauls. Driving long distances can involve entering road construction sites where gravel is often present. Covered car carriers’ eliminate road debris damage.

Overhangs and Branches

Branches can be seen hanging into the roadways on many narrow country streets. Some cities also have issues with tree branches, and unless you know the areas to avoid, it can be impossible to predict when a limb could get the side of your car.

Scratches can happen before you know it, and damage all of the door panels, handles, or side mirrors. When moving to a rural area, get your car to your new location. Once you are settled, you can take the time to explore the roads and see which ones you should avoid, and which ones are safe for relaxing or luxury driving.


Unfortunately, some individuals may not be able to resist a hands-on approach if they see a vintage or high-end vehicle sitting out in the open. These vehicles are rare to see in many locations. In these instances, they are bound to draw attention, and no matter how attentive the driver is, if someone wants to make contact with the car, even just too harmlessly peek inside, they can usually find a way.

The best way to prevent unwanted finger and nose prints on your high-end or vintage vehicle is to eliminate the opportunity altogether. If it is completely hidden from the view of passerby, you most likely will not have this issue.

The Environment

When it’s raining outside, you can store your car in a garage, but when an automobile is being transported in the open, the vehicle will have to take whatever weather hits it. Even if you have carefully planned your route and factored in the weather, conditions can always change and without warning— mother nature is unpredictable.. If you ship your car in an enclosed container, you will not have to worry about wind, hail, rain, or even sun damage.

Peace of Mind

Moving is almost always a stress-filled situation, even during the best of times. There are so many details to go over, and it takes intense planning to keep track of everything. Having a moving company handle your vehicles in the most protected way will give you one less major thing to worry about.