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Jul 10, 2024

There are a number of reasons why your vehicle may need to be towed. Perhaps you are moving to a new city, taking your vehicle on a trip with you, or maybe it broke down on the side of the road. Whatever the reason, it is important to follow the proper guidelines for towing a vehicle correctly. Oftentimes people choose to tow their vehicle themselves but might not be aware of how to do so safely. Improper towing can lead to various problems resulting in serious damage to your vehicle. Whether you are hiring a professional towing company or doing it yourself, it’s important to use special precautions and here’s why.

Cosmetic Damage

If you do not hook your vehicle up correctly it could result in cosmetic damage including scratches to the exterior, dents, dings, and damage to the wheel and tire. While these issues might not affect the performance of the vehicle, they can still be costly to repair. Even if you are using a towing service, you should always pay close attention to ensure they are hooking your vehicle up correctly to the tow truck so you can avoid cosmetic damage to your car. 

Mechanical Issues and Transmission Damage

Aside from cosmetic damage, improper towing methods could result in more serious issues such as mechanical and transmission damage. In most cases a vehicle with a manual transmission is fairly easy to tow, even long distances. It gets a little more complicated, however, when dealing with an automatic transmission. If you tow a vehicle with an automatic transmission while all the wheels are on the ground, it could result in a lot of damage. Similarly, all-wheel-drive vehicles require special precautions. In most cases, it is recommended to remove the rear driveshaft and tow the vehicle with the back wheels on the ground in order to prevent damage to the transmission. You also risk damage to manual transmissions if they are towed while the vehicle is in “park.” These vehicles should be towed in “neutral” only. Conversely, automatic transmissions do not disengage when the vehicle is in “neutral” and towing could force the transmission to move in the wrong direction. Improper towing methods could cause serious damage to your vehicle that can end up being very costly to repair. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the exact specs of your vehicle before attempting to tow it.   You can tow a vehicle safely by following the correct guidelines and taking the necessary precautions. Before attempting to tow a vehicle, or even if you are hiring a towing company, be sure you have the correct towing equipment and make sure the person towing the vehicle is paying special attention to the specs of the car.

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