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Jan 16, 2024

Are you moving across the country, or did you recently sell your vehicle and need to ship it across state lines?  You have options! Learn what’s required to ship by trailer, train or boat, and then find the perfect solution for you. 

Hiring a Car Transport Company 

Shipping by truck is often the most popular option. Putting your vehicle in the hands of another saves you time and money. Depending on the distance traveled, expect to spend between $10,00-$2,000 for door to door service. While the price varies, you can negotiate based on flexibility of delivery dates and the type of trailer you choose (open vs. enclosed). 

Shipping by Train 

Shipping by train can be one of your most affordable options, ranging from $400-$1,500. However, it may take the longest for your vehicle to arrive. Because trains use a direct route and often switch trains during their journey, it can mean a longer overall delivery. If you’ve got the flexibility and you’re on a tighter budget, traveling by rail is a smart option. 

Shipping by Boat 

Many car owners find that they save money shipping their vehicle by boat because everything is already there and accessible. No overnight stays at a hotel, no extra gas to worry about. This is often the best decision when you need to ship overseas. Factors that go into the cost include:

  • Distance 
  • The cost of fuel 
  • The car’s age and height 

Be sure to do your research so you can find the best transporter for your needs. Doing your homework means you’ll likely receive the best quote as well. 

Hire a Reliable and Reputable Company 

Do you have a car to ship cross country, but you don’t know who to trust with your vehicle? Ship A Car Direct is  a unique car shipping company! They offer each customer a ‘damage free’ guarantee, door-to-door service and no upfront costs. Contact them today for a free quote at (866) 221-1664.

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