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Jan 16, 2024

People choose to have their vehicles transported for all sorts of reasons, from protecting an expensive exotic, preventing a high-mileage vehicle from racking up extra mileage, or, yes, moving cross-country. 

If you’re planning a move (look at you, going places!) — whether it’s 1,500 miles away or 500 miles away — there are a variety of reasons why shipping your car might be the best choice. 

Of course, you should be mindful that shipping a car, as with anything else in life, comes with a cost. For many drivers, the associated cost is well worth it for peace-of-mind alone. 

In fact, depending on where you’re going and how you choose to ship your automobile, contrary to popular belief, shipping a car can sometimes be cheaper than driving it.

Here are four good reasons why you should seriously consider shipping your vehicle for your own benefit during your next big move.

1. The Logistics of Driving When Planning a Solo Move

Ahhhh, moving…Most of us enjoy the feeling of a fresh new start. But getting there? It takes a LOT of work, time, and effort to take an inventory of all your stuff, pack it up safely, and get it to your new home.

Add on top of it the logistics of getting your vehicle to a new place, and it might just  make you want to blow a gasket. Especially if you are moving by yourself.

What are your options?

  • You *could* trailer your vehicle behind a moving van. But then you have to worry about those wide turns… (not to mention sideswiping other cars)....
  • You *could* also ship all your stuff in a moving truck. But then, you have to worry about Grandma’s china tea set that you inherited or Dad’s family picture albums getting ruined.
  • You could ship your car and drive your stuff yourself. You then have to worry about your car getting damaged. Right? — Maybe not — depending on who you ship it with!

Ship a car Direct provides a damage free guarantee for every vehicle shipped through us (which always have primary insurance through the carrier). We are an industry leading car shipping company with an A+ from the BBB and 5 star reviews across the web. Our MC number is 632461. Shipping your car might just be safer than driving yourself!

2. Risk Management

On the subject of safety, we’d be remiss not to address the safety concerns and other risks that come along with driving across the country — especially alone, in unfamiliar surroundings. Here are some things to consider long and hard if you’re torn between shipping and driving:

  • Your Safety
  • Accident, Theft, & Loss
  • Mechanical Issues & Breakdowns

3. Convenience

Shipping a car is much more convenient than having to drive it over a distance of hundreds, or even thousands of miles, worrying about booking hotels in safe areas, researching routes and tolls, and convenient pit stops, and so on…

Shipping a car is thought of by some as a “luxury”...but really, if it is looking next to impossible to move while driving yourself and getting your stuff to its new home, shipping a car can really be more of a necessity. And in other instances, it’s simply more convenient. If, for instance, you need to get back to college by a certain time, or if you’re a snowbird that has trouble driving at night, shipping a car is probably a great option for you.

4. Costs Involved

Among the most commonly misunderstood reasons to transport your car is cost. 

We say that because many people think it’s cheaper to drive their vehicle than to ship it. While in some cases that CAN be true, it isn’t ALWAYS true.

Plus, you’ve got to factor in how much the opportunity cost of driving yourself and risking your safety or a breakdown is, not to mention the value of your time…

There are many things you probably could do yourself if you invested the time and energy to learn how to do…or even things you may already know how to do that it’s just more efficient to outsource. These can include:

  • House cleaning or washing your car
  • Laundering or dry cleaning your clothes
  • Meal prep & delivery
  • Event planning
  • …And, yes…shipping your car instead of driving it yourself!

The truth is that shipping your car is not for everyone. But it might just be for you. Use our quote calculator now to see if that may be the case.

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