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Jan 16, 2024

Like many industries, fluctuating demand and availability will affect the price of goods or services such as cleaning, catering, or doing contract work. The same is true of auto transportation. Other factors also contribute to the variability of shipping prices, making it impossible for a customer or a shipping agent to nail down a specific quote for services weeks in advance.

This is why it's not always recommended to make arrangements too far ahead of your travel date. For instance, if you know you will need your car moved to a different state three months from now, wait until a week or two before you depart to try and book services. While one might secure a copy of a long-awaited CD, book, or latest tech gadget, in advance (and maybe enjoy a discount for early ordering), this is not the case with auto carriers.

With auto transport, early booking does not equal paying less.

With most carriers, prices have yet to be set. Gas prices and demand for shipping will affect the price.

This doesn't mean you can't prepare in advance. Whatever causes prices to fluctuate will apply to every agency, so comparing one to another is a good idea. Check their testimonials, FAQs, pricing policies, and other policies. When you have found the one that seems to offer the best service for the best price, be prepared to put your name on the roster about a week before you need your car to be somewhere. It will be waiting for you when you head to a warm state for an extended holiday.

Being flexible can be beneficial for everyone. For instance, if you can ship during a slow time, you may get a better rate, and carriers can keep a steady auto shipping schedule.

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