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Jan 16, 2024

Arranging to have a vehicle transported should be a simple, uncomplicated process for clients. Although the car is the responsibility of the mover or carrier once it is picked up and turned over to the transport company, there are some things that the owner is expected to do in order to ensure a smooth, glitch-free process.

Here are some tips for shipping a car safely:

Know the facts.
Companies that are in charge of shipping cars will provide their customers complete information regarding their services. It is the customers' responsibility to read the information, terms and conditions in the contract and to clarify any issue they may have with the moving company.

Decide on an open vs. enclosed carrier.
There are different shipping methods that customers can choose from when shipping cars. These include open (partial or full) and closed shipping. Each one has its own set of advantages and limitations depending on the type, model and number of vehicles that will be moved. Car owners should consider these options carefully and choose the one that fits their needs best. They should also discuss their requirements with the car moving company to determine the safest method to ship their vehicles.

Understand scheduling - How much lead time?
Every customer should be aware that while car movers work under a deadline, there are factors beyond their control that may cause delays and other issues. These can include the weather, mechanical problems with the carrier or vehicle and traffic. Customers who make frequent or last minute changes to their schedule can also cause delays. However, customers can be assured that car shippers are doing the best they can to ensure that the vehicles reach their destination within schedule as often as possible.

Prepare your car.
Wash the car properly prior to shipping, particularly if it will be moved via an open trailer. This will allow you to check the car for any damages such as scratches, nicks and chips. Although there is some protection offered to customers in case of damages that may occur during the transport or due to the fault of the driver, it is better to have an accurate record of the original condition of your car for comparison later.

Check the car batteries to ensure that they are charged, make sure oil and water are at sufficient levels and that tires are properly inflated. Lower the antennae, fold the mirrors and shut down the alarm. Remove personal items from the car and make sure all loose parts are secured. If your car is a convertible, make sure that the top is up or the car is covered prior to shipping. Avoid shipping your car on a full tank since this could add more weight. Inform the shipper of any issues and special requirements your car may have so they can take the necessary precautions during delivery. Provide your shipper with all necessary documents as well.

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