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Jan 16, 2024

Most people think that the only job of a car transport service company is to move a vehicle from point A to point B. The truth is that car movers are expected to do so much more. Find out what their most important responsibilities are and what customers should expect from their services.

License and Registration
Auto movers have to be licensed and registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. This agency oversees the practice and business of auto moving and transport. In order for movers to be registered and given a license, they have to comply with the standards and regulations set by the DOT in terms of business operations, practices and safety. Auto movers that comply with these requirements are more likely to offer quality services to their customers.

All car carriers and movers are expected to carry insurance. Two of the most common types of insurance to expect are cargo insurance and liability insurance. Cargo insurance provides protection for the cargo by limiting the types of cars or vehicles that a truck can carry. It covers any minor damages such as dents and scratches that could happen during transport.

Liability insurance, on the other hand provides protection for the carrier's contents and will cover damages that could occur because of driver error. Certain forms of insurance are required by the Department of Transportation, so customers should inquire regarding its availability and the type/s of coverage that the mover carries.

Provide Information
All car movers should provide clear and complete information to their customers regarding the extent and limitations of their services, the types of transport vehicles they can offer, delivery schedules, cost, charges and fees, etc. This will allow customers to identify which service fits their needs best. When customers have access to proper information, they are able to make informed decisions. There is also less likelihood of any misunderstanding that may arise due to incomplete information.

Provide a Formal Agreement
All transactions with auto movers must be covered by a contract which should include in detail important information such as the type of service the customer will use, terms, conditions, fees and other special services that the customer may require.

Moving Vehicles That Do Not Run
Some vehicles may not run properly or may be inoperable. Car movers are responsible for informing the owner regarding the car's condition upon pick-up and to use equipment that can aid in loading the vehicle onto the carrier. In most cases, additional fees will be charged for the extra service.

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