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Jan 16, 2024

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If you are in the market for a new car, look no further than your laptop. These days, thanks to technology, consumers can shop dealers all over the country to find the perfect car. They can even make the purchase right from the comfort of their own home. Forget about spending your entire weekend strolling around car lots. Online car shopping has changed the way consumers shop for cars and the process has never been easier. Once you have found that perfect car, you can even arrange for home delivery. Avoid the hassle of spending hours at a dealership and forget about driving across the country to pick up your new car. Home delivery makes buying a car online easy, convenient, and hassle free.

Here’s How it Works

The last thing you want is to put additional miles and wear and tear on your brand new car. Home delivery is the best way to get your new vehicle, without compromising the quality of the car.

Discuss it with the dealer: Before purchasing your new vehicle, be sure to let the dealer know that you are interested in home delivery. Some dealers will offer this service as an option when purchasing the vehicle, while others might not be willing to do so. Some dealers might have a policy where you have to arrange for your own delivery. Either way, you want to discuss this service up front with your dealer so you can negotiate the best price for the vehicle, including transport.

Fill out the necessary paperwork: If the dealership offers home delivery services, the process is pretty straightforward. They will ask you to sign all of the sales documents and verify that the car is indeed the make and model that you chose. At this time you should also ask for photographs of the vehicle as well as a photograph of the odometer. You want to be sure to have these photos so you can properly document the car’s condition prior to shipment. The sales rep should also arrange for an inspection of the vehicle before you conclude the sale.

Research car shipping companies: If the dealership will not provide home delivery services, you will need to make your own shipping arrangements. Start by researching car shipping companies and make sure to verify proper licensing, registration, and insurance. You also want to check reviews and ask for a quote before booking. Once you have chosen a reputable car shipping company, you will arrange for them to pick up your new vehicle at the dealership. (the sales rep should still take care of photos and inspection.)

Choose your transport option: When booking shipping services, you will have the option to choose between open and enclosed transport. Though it costs a bit more, enclosed transport offers the most protection for your vehicle during shipment. Covered transport is recommended for antique, luxury, or expensive cars.

The Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading is an important document that acts as a contract between the shipping company and the customer. As soon as you come to an agreement on the delivery time, this information will be inserted into the Bill of Lading and the shipping company will arrange to pick up your car from the dealership. Upon pickup, the sales representative will also provide documentation and photographs of the vehicle’s condition. You will electronically sign the Bill of Lading, confirming the condition of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is delivered to you, you will inspect it again and sign the Bill of Lading once more to finalize shipment.

Your car is delivered to you: Confirm all shipping details and ensure all documents are signed. You also want to arrange to have someone available when the car is delivered, so you can sign the Bill of Lading. Once everything is arranged, your delivery is scheduled and your vehicle will be on its way. You should receive notifications about estimated delivery times as your vehicle is in transit.


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