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Jan 16, 2024

When looking for car shipping services, you will find that you can choose to book with a broker or a carrier. A traditional carrier deals with their own trucks and will send one of them to pick up and deliver your vehicle. A broker, on the other hand, is responsible for helping customers find and coordinate shipping services. Carriers don’t have time to spend dealing with customer service, so they rely on brokers to help do that part for them. Not only can car shipping brokers simplify the auto shipping process, but they can save you money as well. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with a broker if you want to reduce costs. 

More Options

As stated before, carriers only deal with their own personal fleet of trucks. This means they have to schedule pick up and delivery around their specific schedule. If they don’t have a truck in your area, you could be waiting quite a while for shipping, not to mention it could cost you more since they will have to send a truck to pick up your vehicle. Brokers, on the other hand, work with tens of thousands of carriers, so they can easily find a truck in your area. Not only does this expedite the shipping process, but it saves you money because the truck is already in or near your area. 

Multiple Quotes

Since they work with so many different carriers, brokers are able to collect multiple quotes from multiple carriers in a short amount of time. Access to such a large number of carriers means you have the ability to compare prices and find the lowest quote. Keep in mind, however, that these initial quotes might be lower than the actual price. Be sure to provide as much information about your shipment as possible and ask the right questions in order to get the most accurate quote. 


There is always the possibility that a carrier will break down or experience mechanical problems during transport. If you are working with a traditional carrier, you have to wait for them to send another truck, which could mean longer delays for you and additional costs. Brokers, on the other hand, can quickly make arrangements for your car to be picked up by another carrier close by which translates to faster delivery times and lower costs. 

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