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Jan 16, 2024

Instead of driving up to a local dealership to find row upon row of new cars to choose from, you will probably be more likely to find a few new cars here and there along with a random assortment of used cars. Unfortunately, dealerships all across the country are dealing with inventory issues due to a variety of industry supply-chain problems and other production problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a high consumer demand along with a serious shortage of vehicles which is making it difficult for consumers to shop for a new vehicle. What, then, can consumers do to get a new vehicle? If you aren’t in a position where you can wait for a period of time, you might need to get creative and think outside the box in order to find a new car. Here are some helpful tips and expert advice for car shopping during the current vehicle shortage.

With less inventory available, you may not be able to find a suitable vehicle in your area. Therefore, you can increase your chances of finding a car by expanding your search radius. Thanks to today’s technological advances, you have the ability to shop for a car anywhere in the country. If you are open to purchasing a car in another state and having it shipped to you, you are increasing the odds that you will be able to find a car.

Buy Used

Although all cars are in short supply, used cars are in somewhat better supply than brand new ones. This is caused by a global chip shortage that is severely constraining the supply of new vehicles. Manufacturers are unable to get the tiny semiconductor chips that are needed to build new cars and this has brought the production of new vehicles across the nation to a halt. Thus, car dealers are left with empty lots as manufacturers await shipments of semiconductor chips. While this has certainly pushed up the demand for used vehicles, you will find that there is still a bigger selection of pre-owned vehicles available and they will come at a more affordable price.

Look for Cars on Facebook Marketplace

While you cannot actually purchase a car on Facebook Marketplace, you can search for one and make a connection with a seller. As a result of the current vehicle shortage, the used car market on Facebook Marketplace is hotter than ever. Due to lower inventory, people are looking to places other than dealerships to buy a car and Facebook Marketplace is a great resource. In fact, it has become one the most popular social media platforms to advertise used cars from private sellers.

Don’t Be Too Picky

In the pre-pandemic days you may have squabbled over the color, accessories, and additional options available on your vehicle but these days you don’t have room to be so picky. The pickier you are, the longer you will have to wait. If you are willing to be flexible on the specs of your car there’s a better chance you will get it much sooner.

Consider Other Vehicle Categories

Trucks and SUVs are definitely the most popular vehicles on the market. If you are willing to consider looking into another type of vehicle such as a sedan, you may have better luck finding more options.

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