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Jul 10, 2024

Auto shipping is a convenient option for transporting your vehicle across a long distance. However, that’s not to say it doesn’t come without its challenges. Your vehicle is a valuable and highly-priced item so you want to be sure it is in the right hands and you are well prepared. Any time you are moving a valuable possession, it can be fraught with stress. Although you cannot anticipate every problem you may encounter with auto shipping, there are certainly a few challenges that are more common than others. Here are some of the most common challenges you may face with auto shipping and how to overcome them.

Potential Risk of Damage

Though it is not expected, there is always the possibility that your car could get damaged during the shipping process. Between loading and unloading vehicles onto trailers and then driving those trailers over bumpy roads, there is always a chance that your car could incur damage. It’s also possible that damage could occur from heavy rain, ice, snow, or flying debris on the roadway. The best way to avoid potential damage is to choose a company that provides the right equipment and experience to handle your vehicle safely. As for the weather, you can always opt for an enclosed trailer if you are shipping a luxury, antique, or brand new vehicle that may require additional protection.

Delayed Delivery

Delayed delivery is one of the most common challenges that can arise with car shipment. Though car shipping companies try their best to deliver your car on the expected delivery date, there are a lot of factors that can affect shipping times that are completely out of anyone’s control. For example, your driver could encounter bad weather, traffic jams, road closures, or even unexpected maintenance issues with the trailer carrying your vehicle. Keep in mind that it is impossible for any company to provide an exact delivery date, but try to work with a reputable company that has a history of timely delivery.

Scams and Fraudulent Estimates

Unfortunately, not all companies are legitimate and there are scammers out there. The best way to avoid being scammed by a fraudulent company is to do your own research ahead of time. Confirm the company’s licensing and registration with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is also a good resource for checking their safety history. Inquire about insurance and make sure your vehicle is covered in the event it gets damaged. You also want to read reviews and ask around to see if friends or coworkers can provide a reference. Finally, ask for your estimate in writing and verify that there will not be any additional fees or charges.

Poor Communication

Lack of communication is another common challenge in auto shipment and unfortunately can interfere with the shipping process. To avoid this, be sure your car meets the travel-specific requirements ahead of time and let the carrier know if there are any concerns or issues. You should also request to exchange contact information with the driver so you can stay up-to-date with your car’s delivery status.

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