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Jan 16, 2024

Each year as the weather turns cold, thousands of retirees from the north begin planning their escape to warmer weather. They leave in time to avoid the frigid winter temperatures and they arrive back home in time to watch the flowers blossom in spring. These retirees are affectionately known as snowbirds. Spending the winter in someplace warmer certainly has its appeal, but it can also present a few logistical challenges. If you are going to spend months someplace, it is nice to have a vehicle at your disposal so you can get out and enjoy the sites and attractions at your destination. However, it might not be feasible to drive your own vehicle such a long distance back and forth. Renting a car for several months can also be quite costly. Your best option is to have your own vehicle shipped to your destination so you have the freedom to get out and explore. If you are a snowbird and in need of options for transporting your vehicle, this guide will help you navigate the car shipping process. 

Common Snowbird Routes

In general, all routes from the north to the south could be considered snowbird routes, but there are some states that are more popular than others. These include Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Alabama, and South Carolina. During snowbird season, you can expect shipping prices on these particular routes to increase due to high demand. While it is normal to shop rates, be advised not to be lured by the lowest price, as this could be a red flag that your car will not arrive on time or the company might not be reputable. 

Cost of Auto Shipping

This is understandably the biggest question most customers have but the answer depends on a few different factors:

-Vehicle make and model

-Vehicle condition

-Open or enclosed transport

-Location and distance

-Supply and demand

In order to get an accurate quote, you must account for all of these factors. Be sure to inquire about all of your shipping options and look for ways to save money such as terminal-to-terminal shipping and using an open carrier instead of enclosed. Again, research the company, verify licensing requirements, and read reviews before choosing a shipping company. If you base it on price alone, you could end up waiting for weeks to get your car or you could end up with an unskilled carrier. 

Benefits of Car Shipping for Snowbirds

Driving in the winter can be dangerous. If you are traveling hundreds of miles through winter conditions, you risk encountering snowy and ice road conditions. Not only could this lead to significant travel delays, but it can be quite dangerous to navigate winter roads. 

You can save time and money. When it comes time to begin your vacation, most people don’t want to waste multiple days driving from Point A to Point B. It could take up to a week to travel across the country and this means the costs will add up as well. When you factor in the cost of food, lodging, gas, and car repairs, you will soon find that you aren’t saving much money by driving yourself. Not to mention the wear and tear you will be putting on your vehicle. 

You can travel safely and comfortably. Long-distance road trips can be exhausting and dangerous. Car transport makes the logistics of getting to your destination so much easier. You can simply hop on a plane, sit back, and relax knowing that you will soon be at your destination. Your car will arrive shortly after, saving you a great deal of time and hassle. 

Tips for Booking Car Shipment

Book in advance. With such a high demand for car shipment during the snowbird season, it is important to act early and book your shipment well in advance. This ensures you will have a spot on a trailer for the time and location that you need. 

Do your research. There are several car shipping companies out there but there are also many scams. Do your research and only work with a company that is properly licensed and insured. You also want to compare reviews and pricing. 

Avoid holidays. Keep in mind that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are among the most popular times for travelers and this can impact pricing and scheduling. If possible, pick a time that is not around these busy holidays. 

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