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Dec 28, 2023

We ship hundreds of vehicles each year from coast to coast. Our Florida to California car shipping path operates on a year-round basis. We work with carriers that have the latest machinery and well-maintained trailers. Plus, any transport from California to Florida is insured for safety and protection. The method of transporting your car between states has never been simpler with Ship a Car Direct. If you're considering shipping a car from California to Florida, the safest course of action is to recruit a specialist shipping expert.

Cost of Shipping

A number of variables determine the expense of shipping a car from California to Florida, including:

  • Vehicle size: The heavier the vehicle, the more expensive it is to ship. Since smaller cars are easy to transport, they usually cost less to ship.

  • Time frame: The sooner you want a car to be delivered, the more expensive it would be. Shipping firms would be forced to expand their capacity to accommodate you, thus affecting their normal supply chain.

  • Planned route: Requesting freight firms to use easy roads (such as main highways and freeways) can help keep the cost of shipping the car minimal.
  • Season: Some seasons are more favorable for shipping vehicles compared to others. Avoid busy seasons such as the winter, where many seniors go south for the winter. Traffic congestion is at an all-time high during this time frame, which can extend the time required to ship your car. The quicker it is to transport a car, the less expensive it would be.

  • Your budget: Wherever feasible, buy the best shipping experience within your budget. If you choose to hold the price down, do not skimp on premiums or seek special treatment from the shipping firm for path logistics. As with travel, the more expensive the ticket, the more enjoyable the encounter.

Transporting a vehicle between Florida and California is a 2700-mile journey. There are other factors to remember, such as the shipping company involved. You do not want to spend more than you should to get the job done. On the other hand, there are also horror stories about how going for the lowest bidder cost the customer more than the lowest amount offered by other companies. Additionally, it may be challenging to shop around as certain businesses want to "lock you in" by requiring payment before providing the service.

When you choose Ship a Car Direct, we’ll give you fair rates for your budget with professional haulers that are guaranteed to get your car to your destination efficiently and in its original condition.

Arrival Time

Transporting a car from Florida to California requires an average of 7–10 days. Normal car transporters usually travel 500 miles per day on average. Bear in mind that this is an estimate and the actual value varies due to factors such as weather, traffic, and any other unforeseen circumstances.

How Shipping Works

Automobile transportation and distribution firms can ship cars in either of two ways: open auto transport or closed auto transport. Both choices have their pros and cons, but the one you choose relies on specific requirements. As a general rule, most automobiles are transported via open auto transport, whereas more valuable vehicles are usually transported via closed auto transport.

Both shipment methods provide standard liability coverage for the duration of the transit. Comprehensive insurance options are available, and these include an additional layer of protection for shipments during transit. During the booking phase, you can pick a level of coverage.

  • Open Car Transport: This is the less expensive of the two options. Your automobile is exposed to the environment since it would be one of many being pulled on a rack by a transport. While the "open-air" aspect of transportation may sound concerning, we assure you that our drivers are well-trained and your car will go through less wear and tear than it would when being driven across the country.

  • Enclosed Car Transport: Your second shipping choice is closed auto transport. Rather than mounting the car on a stand, it is loaded onto a closed trailer, either alone or alongside other cars. A Big Rig tows the trailer to the location of your choice, where it is unloaded. This approach eliminates the risk of environmental damage, as well as car theft. This is also the more costly choice, and we recommend it for owners who have vintage or classic cars, especially when making a big move from Florida to California.

Car Preparation

Before shipment, inspect and register the vehicle's current condition. You can document the vehicle's present condition for insurance compensation purposes and guarantee that the state in which it was delivered matches the state in which it arrives.

Remove the vehicle's contents. While several carriers enable you to load the trunk area with up to 100 pounds, it is safest to keep it empty. This is mostly for security reasons, as it guarantees that none of your things will be missing or stolen during the shipment. It is also for the transport company's assurance that fraud will not occur. If your car is filled with goods, a shipping company can decline to admit it.

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