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Jan 16, 2024

With the increased demand for car shipping services, it is important to understand the basics of how to ship a car to another state. There are several factors to consider to ship your car safely, securely and on time to your new location.

  1. Properly research the companies that you want to use – You can get a wealth of information from the Internet about the companies involved in this industry. Visit their websites and read through carefully, making sure that you understand all the details. Contact the Better Business Bureau, and ask them for information on companies that they have vetted as being professional in the provision of this service. Contact friends and family who have used these services before and let them give you pointers as to which companies to approach. Online review sites, blogs, and forums, are also a good source of information on which companies to use.
  2. Consider the cost implications – You should get quotes from the companies that you intend to use. The quotes should serve as a guide helping you to select a cost-effective company. However, caution should be upheld so that you do not compromise quality of service, just to spare a few dollars. You should find out if the quotes include an insurance cover for your vehicle.
  3. Make the decision on the company to hire and make your booking – After going through the information you have gathered, make your decision on the company that you will hire, and then confirm your booking. Read the full package before you appending your signature to the documents.
  4. Prepare your vehicle for transportation – The weight of your vehicle is an important consideration when using auto carrier services. The fuel in your car should be about a quarter full. This will greatly reduce the weight of your vehicle. You will also be required to remove all valuables, and loose items from the car, so they do not get lost during transportation. Wash your vehicle before you deliver it to the transportation terminal.
  5. Be present during inspection of the vehicle – The auto transport company will inspect the vehicle when you drop it off at the terminal. This will determine if the car has any existing damage. At the end of this inspection, you will be given a Vehicle Condition Report, which you will have to sign. This is the reason why you should be present during the inspection. You will be required to sign this report, to confirm that you agree with the findings of the inspection.

Upon delivery, make sure to inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in the condition described in the report.  As always, if you have any questions about how to ship your car, please call us at 866-221-1664.

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