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Feb 20, 2024

People ship vehicles for many reasons. Whether you are relocating from New Jersey to California or perhaps selling a vehicle across state lines, an auto shipping company can simplify the process. Many people don’t want to drive their car for obvious reasons. It puts additional mileage and wear and tear on their car. It is also a grueling task to make a cross-country drive. Furthermore, a long-distance drive can be very expensive by the time you factor in gas, food, and lodging. For all of these reasons, many people prefer the convenience of a specialized auto shipping company. While the average cost to ship a car in the continental U.S. is between $900-$1200, the actual cost to ship your car from New Jersey to California will be dependent upon a number of factors. 

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The first and biggest factor that will affect the transportation cost of a car is the distance it needs to be shipped. This is also determined by the pick-up and drop-off location. If a carrier has to travel a less common route to deliver your car to a rural location, this will cost more. Terminal-to-terminal transport is generally your cheapest option. 

Size and Weight of Your Car

Another important factor that will impact the price of shipping is the size and weight of your vehicle. Carriers have strict weight restrictions so heavier cars mean they can transport less freight. For this reason, vans, trucks, and full size SUV’s are more expensive to ship than smaller cars. 

Condition of the Car

Another factor to consider is the condition of your car. An inoperable car requires extra care, time, and equipment so there is usually an extra fee. However, if your car is in running condition, it will not require any additional efforts which means no added costs. 

Dates and Speed of Delivery

If you require an expedited delivery, be prepared to pay additional charges. If you are flexible on your delivery date, you can save yourself some money. The time of year you ship can also impact the price. The summer months are peak season for auto shipment so you can expect to pay higher rates during these months. The cheapest time of year to ship your car is during the winter months. 

When you are searching for shipping companies, you can expect to get different quotes from different services. While the average cost to ship your car from New Jersey to California will probably fall in the $900-$1200 range, there are clearly several factors that are out of your control. Be sure to do plenty of research to choose a company that is both reliable and affordable. Always inquire about additional fees and surcharges and take the time to read reviews and verify the company’s licensing and registration. 

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