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Jan 16, 2024

One of the most important factors in choosing the right car shipping company is time. Which one will deliver in the time frame you need it to, and what kind of guarantee can they offer? Unfortunately, many different factors can affect a delivery time (weather, unexpected construction delays, etc.), so carriers cannot guarantee a time—but they can provide you with their best estimate based on experience in the industry. This guide will help you choose a high-quality shipping company that knows how to estimate fairly and accurately.

Is There Such Thing as a Guaranteed Delivery Date?  

Each car shipping company may give you a slightly different time estimate for your delivery, which can be a confusing and frustrating part of the process. Unfortunately, car shipping carriers cannot promise you an exact date as to when your car will be delivered because of environmental, unexpected weather changes and changing road conditions.

While a car shipping company cannot estimate your delivery down to the day, they should be able to provide an accurate time estimate. Work with the carrier by considering a few dates you can drop off your vehicle. For example, can you leave your vehicle with the carrier a week earlier than you originally planned? Having a greater flexibility for your ‘before’ date will improve the odds of having your vehicle delivered on the day (or near the day) you’d like.

How Long Will It Take From Pick-Up to Delivery?

The length of time you’ll be without your vehicle depends on how far it’s traveling (common sense we know, but that’s the basics of it!) For example, if you’re going a few states over, it may just take 2-3 days. If your vehicle is traveling from the west coast to the mid-west), you can expect a 5-7 delivery time.  If your vehicle is traveling from the west coast to the east coast, you can expect a 7-10 day delivery time.  In some situations, a vehicle can be dropped off and picked up on the same day, depending on the length of travel.

No matter how near or far your vehicle is being shipped to, it all comes down to quality, care, and service. Ship A Car Direct offers many advantages that make us the most trusted car shipper around, including: door to door service, no upfront deposit required, and a damage-free guarantee! Contact us today for a free quote!

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