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Jan 16, 2024

The most common request in the car shipping industry is the request to pack the car during transport. Many people shipping a car are doing so to start a new life in a new city, and it seems easier to just load the car with household belongings before hauling it. Unfortunately, that is not really the best way to save money on your move. Car haulers can’t always accommodate additional weight, and certainly not for the same price as quoted for shipping an empty car.

The truth is that the more weight you are hauling, the more gas it takes to move it. The more gas a hauler requires to get the job done, the more it costs. Here is a great article that explains fuel economy and how even 100 additional pounds in your personal vehicle can cost you. Now, if you imagine a multi-vehicle hauler carrying 6 to 8 vehicles, you can see how even a few additional belongings left in each of the vehicles add up and increase the weight (and therefore the cost) of the entire load.

Car shipping quotes are recommended for standard, empty vehicles. If your hauler accommodates any additional weight in your vehicle, you will be charged an additional weight fee to make up for the additional gas required for the load. And honestly, the additional fees are equivalent to shipping your belongings through the mail or other delivery service. Even if what you want to pack in your car doesn’t seem like a lot to you, it adds up. Ultimately, leaving additional items in your vehicle during transport is up to the discretion of the driver.

Of course we completely understand why you want to leave some stuff in your car. Sometimes, it's not a problem. But it's best if you are aware of the limitations and/or additional fees so that you don't make assumptions that cost you later. If you have any questions about car shipping or what you can leave in your vehicle during transport, please give us a call! One of our friendly sales representatives will be happy to help: 866-221-1664.

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