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Jan 16, 2024

In the past, people would move other people's cars manually. Nowadays, auto shipping companies exist, but people are still torn over whether it's smarter to use a shipper or a mover. Everyone's situation is different and requires a different approach. Decide if it's better to hire an auto transport company or a furniture mover for your situation.

Hiring a Furniture Mover

Furniture movers ship all kinds of items, not just furniture. They ship special items like cars upon request. The problem is that movers are not auto shippers, so they don't specialize in the task. They are not as safe and reliable with vehicles as professional shippers are.

Most movers do not have the proper equipment to ship full-length vehicles. They must secure the vehicle tightly and place cushions between it and the other items. It may be necessary to obtain another truck or trailer, which is an additional fee. Even with all of these preparations, it's still easy to cause damages during the trip.

However, furniture movers are less strict in how they handle the car. They may allow you to leave personal belongings inside, while an auto shipper may forbid you to leave valuables. If you want a fast, easy and affordable solution to shipping, it's better to work with a furniture mover.

Hiring an Auto Shipper

One reason to hire an auto shipping company is they are well prepared. They have the right moving trucks, trailers and locks to secure and transport a car. They have professional drivers who have thousands of miles of experience in driving vehicles across the country.

Comprehensive insurance coverage is another reason why an auto shipper is more beneficial than a furniture mover. Damages could occur while the vehicle is loaded, in transit and unloaded. Each policy is different, so it's important that customers read and understand the terms of a policy. If your car is already insured, check if you have additional coverage for shipping.

The auto transport industry seems like the best answer to moving a vehicle. There is still the second option of hiring a moving company to move the vehicle and all of your other personal belongings together. The problem is that movers do not specialize in shipping cars. On the other hand, you save time and money by not having to research shippers. In the end, the decision is based on your personal needs and not just on costs or customer reviews.

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