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Jan 16, 2024

There are dozens of companies that offer auto transport services but many people know very little about the industry. For most, it is their first time dealing with this type of service so they aren't exactly sure what to expect. They just know that they need to transport their car from one place to another. So, what exactly do car shipping companies offer? Let’s take a closer look at what customers can expect from an auto shipping company. 

Car Shipping Services

A reputable auto shipping company works to help you navigate the process of transporting your vehicle from one location to another. They have a customer service specialist who will explain your options and guide you through the process from start to finish. They will work with you to decide which pickup and delivery options will work best for you and what to expect upon delivery. 

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Door to Door Services

Many auto shipping companies will offer door to door transport services. This means that a carrier will arrive at your home to pick up your vehicle and then your vehicle will be delivered directly to your specified destination. In the event that your neighborhood or municipality won’t allow a large carrier to make a delivery, your specialist will work with you to explore alternative solutions. 

Terminal to Terminal Services

Some auto shipping companies will also offer terminal to terminal transport services. This involves pick up and/or delivery to or from a regional storage facility. This type of service can be more flexible, as it allows for flexible drop-off before and after transport. It can also be a cheaper option than door to door shipment and it might be necessary in rural areas where door to door services are not available. 

Open or Enclosed Transport

Many auto transport companies also offer two options when it comes to shipping your vehicle: open or enclosed transport. As one might guess, enclosed carriers offer better protection for your vehicle but they also come at a higher cost. Open carriers are typically cheaper, but you should bear in mind that your vehicle will be exposed to the outdoor elements. 

Specialty Vehicle Transport

In addition to shipping cars, trucks, and SUV’s, some auto transport companies will also offer services transporting other modes of transportation including classic cars, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, trailers, and tractors.

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