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Jan 16, 2024

If you are looking for a safe and reliable method for transporting your vehicle, consider the benefits of an auto shipping company. These shipping companies offer a wide range of services to ensure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination. Whether you are shipping one vehicle, multiple vehicles, or even an exotic or antique vehicle, auto shipping companies are able to provide the right services to fit your specific needs. Before you book an auto transport company, let’s take a closer look at the services they offer. 

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Open Transport

There are two main types of auto transport options available which are open and enclosed trailers. Open transportation is the cheaper of the two options, and your vehicle will be placed on an open trailer along with other vehicles. Although your vehicle will be exposed to the outdoor elements, this is the most affordable and popular option for auto shipment. A reputable auto shipping company will take the necessary precautions to prevent any damage from occurring. 

Enclosed Transport

An enclosed trailer is the safest option for transporting your vehicle, as it protects your vehicle from outdoor elements. While this is generally more expensive than open transport, this is an ideal option for transporting exotic, luxury, or antique vehicles. 

Door-to-Door Transport

There are two delivery options available for transporting your vehicle which include door-to-door transport and terminal-to-terminal transport. As the name suggests, door-to-door delivery allows your vehicle to be delivered directly to your door. While this is certainly the most convenient option, there are certain situations where this service is not available. For instance, if your neighborhood has narrow streets, zoning laws, or weight restrictions, it could prevent an auto carrier from being able to drive down your street. Also, if you live in a rural area that is a long distance from the main highway, this service might not be available. 

Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

Some auto transport companies have terminal yards where you bring your vehicle for drop off. Your vehicle is then shipped to its destination where it will be picked up at the nearest terminal in that location. This service is generally a bit cheaper than door-to-door and you can pick your vehicle up when it’s convenient for you. This option is ideal if there is terminal close to your location and the carrier doesn’t charge terminal storage fees. 

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