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Jan 16, 2024

Broker? Carrier? What is the real difference-and who can I trust?  Understanding the benefits of using a qualified and experienced transport broker to ship your vehicle can make the process easier than it’s ever been.


Know the Difference Between Broker and Carrier  

So, what’s the advantage of using a broker versus directly using a carrier to transport your vehicle? A broker essentially does time-consuming work by weeding through each available carrier—and that they meet your requirements for a stress-free move. Going straight through a carrier is a risk, unless you know all of the questions (and have the time to devote) to screen each one.


For example, some carriers may not have the necessary equipment during the time you need it, or may not be licensed to move your vehicle in the states you need it to. A reputable transport broker can even work out a more competitive rate for your vehicle than you could get alone. However, not all brokerage companies can offer this—which is why finding the right, reputable company is worth the time it takes.


What About Quality?

As a highly reputable car shipping broker, Ship A Car Direct carefully screens every available carrier for their customers and guarantees you will receive their royal treatment. We never use the “terminal to terminal” shipping process, but insist on one quality carrier to pick up your car and drops it off to you—with the attention to detail you’d expect. Contact us today to learn how easy our process is!

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