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Jun 17, 2024

When it comes to car shipping, times are changing! Where it once used to be cut and dry – shipping your vehicle to point A to point B with multiple companies putting their hands in the pot – now technology is doing a far share of the work.

Technology Rules in the Car Shipping World

Technology has slowly been dominating the car shipping industry. From online quotes within seconds to route management software, to transport management, shipping has become popular as a consumer tool.  

How Does the Online Quote Work?

At Ship A Car Direct, we make the first step in the process – the online quote – easy and hassle free.

Simply enter in a few details:

  • The current location of your vehicle
  • Where you want your vehicle to be delivered to
  • Make, year and model of your vehicle
  • If it’s currently running or not running
  • Carrier type: do you want open (less expensive) or closed?

Once you enter your information into the contact form, it sends an estimate back to you via email within minutes. When you know all the details about your shipping needs, contact a SACD customer service representative who can answer all of you4r questions, find the exact right shipping company for you and move the process along in one easy swoop!

Quote Calculator

Instant Car Shipping Cost - No Personal Info Needed

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How Trustworthy is Online Technology and How Accurate?

Your total online price breaks down into two parts: the broker's fee (or 'deposit' as everyone calls it) and the carriers fee (your COD amount). If you’re receiving multiple quotes (we’d recommend it), keep in mind: everyone you contact for a quote is going to broker your move.  Meaning, you’re going to deal with brokers who try to fool you into thinking that they are the carriers (the ones actually moving your vehicle!) There are also an equal number of carriers who sell themselves on the fact that they have a truck or two but are not being honest about the fact that they broker out 90% of the orders they book.

At Ship a Car Direct, our online calculator technology is accurate, without being sneaky. Meaning, you’re only going to be matched with the shipping carriers we deem worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honest Answers to Your Car Shipping Questions

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