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Jun 17, 2024

There are certain rules that apply to all car shipments. From documents needed to car prep in place, this guide will ensure you have a stress-free delivery! 

The Basics of Cross-Country Car Shipping:

You’ll need to touch on all these basics before prepping your car:

  • Get a few quotes before settling on one. It’s worth spending a few hours to get a couple of quotes. What you pay for is what you get, so choose wisely. Make sure to ask them about any hidden fees, and if a deposit is required (if it is, run!) 
  • Give your car a good wash. Wash the exterior and interior before dropping it off for shipment. Take plenty of pictures during the inspection process. 

Does Your Vehicle Have Any Loose Parts?  

It’s important to do whatever you can to minimize your car’s risk of injury before it makes its journey—no matter how short or long its drive may be! Fold your side mirrors in, place your antennae in the trunk, and secure any loose parts before shipping it off. 

Take It In For a Quick (and Professional) Check  

A maintenance check is a great idea before transporting your car. Your service professional can clue you in to anything it may need (replacing fluids, knowing your mileage, a battery check). 

Whether you’re have an everyday or vintage vehicle, we’ve got the perfect transport option and carrier for your unique needs! Contact us today and ready our testimonials and learn about our damage-free guarantee that sets us apart from the rest! 

How Accurate is My Cross-Country Delivery Date?

The length of time you’ll be without your vehicle depends on how far it’s traveling (common sense we know, but that’s the basics of it!) If your vehicle is traveling from the west coast to the mid-west), you can expect a 5-7 delivery time.  If your vehicle is traveling from the west coast to the east coast, you can expect a 7-10-day delivery time. In some situations, a vehicle can be dropped off and picked up within the same day, depending on the length of travel. 

No Matter the Distance, We’ve Got You Covered! 

No matter how near or far your vehicle is being shipped to, it all comes down to quality, care and service. Ship A Car Direct offers many advantages that makes us the most trusted car shipper around, including door to door service, no upfront deposit required, and a damage-free guarantee! Contact us today for a free quote!   

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