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Jan 16, 2024

Auto transport is a great way for people to get their vehicle from one place to another. Whether they are moving and need to get their car across the country, or they have purchased a car from a long distance away, auto transport provides an easy and convenient way to move your vehicle. This service ensures that vehicles are picked up and delivered to the specified destination which can be very beneficial to car owners. If you are considering auto transport, here are a few things you can expect when picking up your car from its destination.

 Once you have chosen an auto transport company, you will schedule a date for your delivery. The company will arrange for a delivery date with the driver of the auto carrier. This auto carrier will be transporting multiple cars, so the pickup process might vary. Some companies will provide the convenience of having your car delivered directly to your home. Other times, your car might be delivered to a terminal or transport company’s lot where you will be instructed to come and pick it up. If the address you provide is not safely accessible by the transport carrier, you might need to make other arrangements for another location close by. If you prefer your car delivered directly to your home or business, you need to check with the auto transport company prior to shipment to ensure they offer a door-to-door service. 

Once your car arrives at its destination, the carrier will contact the person you have authorized to pick up the vehicle. You can provide the contact information and be present to sign the Bill of Lading. It is important to make sure your car is picked up as soon as possible. Should you need to file an insurance claim for any reason, you will need this Bill of Lading as verification for your claim. You should never leave your car unattended because if any theft or damage should occur, the auto transport company would not be liable. 

Shipping a vehicle is easier than you might think, and you can arrange to have your car delivered right where you need it. It saves the car owner time, money, and the hassle of driving a vehicle long distance. 

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