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Jan 16, 2024

When you begin your search for an auto shipping company, you might be surprised to learn that transport brokers differ from transport carriers. While both have the ability to transport your vehicle from one location to another, there are quite a few benefits for working with a broker rather than a carrier and we will take a closer look at those advantages. 

What is the difference between an auto shipping broker and a carrier?

The main difference between brokers and carriers is that carriers operate the trucks that will ship your vehicle while brokers act as the middleman, coordinating the shipment using a network of carriers. 

How do auto shipping brokers work?

When a customer has a vehicle that needs to be shipped, a broker will then reach out to their network of carriers to find a driver that can fill that order. Experienced auto transport brokers, such as Ship a Car Direct, have been in the business for a while and have a large network of reliable carriers in their network. Since they have access to so many different carriers across the country, they are able to find a carrier that can meet the needs of their customer no matter what kind of vehicle they have and no matter where they are located.

Benefits of working with an auto shipping broker?

They have access to reliable carriers.

Unfortunately, there are car shipping carriers out there that are not reputable and reliable, and for someone new to the industry, it can be difficult to spot them. Since your vehicle is a valuable asset, you certainly don’t want to hand it over to just anyone. That’s why it’s important to work with an auto shipping broker that can help you navigate these tricky waters. Since they have access to pertinent information and carrier reviews, you can be sure that a broker is only working with carriers that are trustworthy and reliable. They only work with drivers that are properly licensed, insured, and accredited so you can be sure your vehicle is being shipped by a legitimate carrier.

They can offer better rates.

One of the main benefits of working with an auto transport broker is that you get better rates compared to individual carriers. Since brokers are working with multiple customers across the country, they can provide bulk orders to carriers which gives them better pricing. In addition, since they work with so many different carriers, they have access to the most common routes near your specific location which helps to keep pricing lower. 

They can provide quicker delivery.

Brokers have far more flexibility than individual carriers. Since they aren’t tied to the movement of a single fleet, they have the ability to work with multiple carriers using various routes so they can ship your vehicle more efficiently. They can also track down carriers with open spots on their truck that will be in your area, meaning you will get faster delivery. 

They can protect you from the unexpected.

Carriers can easily get delayed by things like unsafe road conditions, severe weather, and even breaking down. If this were to happen with an individual carrier, you would have to wait until the problem is resolved or pay extra to have a different carrier pick up your vehicle. If this were to happen with a broker, however, they could easily get your car onto another truck with little or no delays. 

They save you time and hassle. 

Shopping around for an auto carrier is both time consuming and risky. It requires lengthy research, confirmation of credentials, checking reviews, comparing rates, and figuring out delivery times. When you work with a broker, however, they take care of everything for you. They handle all of the logistics so you get a stress-free shipping experience.

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