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Jan 16, 2024

Auto shipping is a convenient, safe, and reliable way to transport your vehicle long distances. Transporting a car can be done by train or truck and what works for you will be dependent on a few factors like the pickup and delivery location, your time frame, and your budget. Shipping a car is a fairly simple process but choosing the right method of transport could be tricky for a first time shipper. To help you make the best decision, here is a breakdown of the differences of train and truck shipment and the pros and cons of each. 

Shipping a Car by Truck

Working with a trucking company is a much easier process than arranging a train delivery. Since it’s a more common option, there are more companies to choose from and you have the ability to compare pricing. It is also faster than transporting a vehicle by train because there are far more trucking companies. Another advantage to shipping a car by truck is the fact that it is faster and more efficient. If you need your vehicle in a specific time frame, you should definitely use a truck. Trucks can usually have your vehicle delivered in a matter of days while trains can take a few weeks. One of the biggest advantages of shipping your car by truck is that you have the option for door-to-door delivery. With a train, you have to arrange to drop off and pick up your vehicle from the train station. The cost of shipping your vehicle depends on several factors but generally it will cost a bit more to ship your vehicle by truck. You are paying for the added convenience and efficiency. Finally, trucks offer the option for both open and closed carriers so you can choose which method is suitable for your vehicle. Closed carriers cost more than open carriers, but they offer additional protection from outdoor elements. 

Shipping a Car by Train

Amtrak allows you to ship your vehicle but their coverage is limited by their routes so you will need to make sure you are in their coverage area. Although the exact price varies, shipping your car by train is typically a cheaper option than a truck. Keep in mind, however, that it typically takes longer to ship by train so this option works best for people who aren’t in a hurry. Also, trains move along specific routes so you will have to make arrangements to drop off and pick up your vehicle from the train station. Finally, trains are a safe option, as they provide enclosed transport which keeps your vehicle safe from outdoor elements. If you want an enclosed option without paying the higher price for a truck, this might be a good option for you. 

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