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Jan 16, 2024

Did you just purchase a car that doesn’t run or do you have a classic car you need to ship across country? All it takes is a little prep work and you can have a smooth sailing transport experience. Here’s what you need to know to ship a vehicle that doesn’t run.


Does My Car Qualify as a Non-Running Vehicle?

If your vehicle doesn’t operate at all, or it does run (but not safely or effectively), your vehicle is considered by car carriers as non-running. Some carriers won’t ship a vehicle that isn’t running, while others will ship one with an added fee. Most car shipping companies will charge an additional fee, averaging between $50-$200. Do you have a classic car you’ve sold and need to transport? A car broker can help you find the right one to meet your needs.


Prepping Your Vehicle

It’s so important to contact several shipping companies and receive several quotes before choosing one. Some auto transport companies won’t offer enclosed transport – which is important to house a car that doesn’t run. When getting a few quotes, ask if they have the proper equipment to handle a non-running vehicle. If so, how much will it cost to ship? What other hidden fees are there? What other information do you need to know to prep your vehicle before your shipping date?


Finding the right company can be time-consuming when you do it all yourself. Let Ship A Car Direct handle the heavy lifting for you! They weed out 80 percent of carriers so that you’re left with only the best. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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