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Jan 16, 2024

Shipping A Car From Texas?

Online car shoppers have often commented about the large number of used cars for sale in Texas, especially SUV's and Trucks.   I've heard the conspiracy theories about it being easy to wash titles in Texas, but it simply could be because there is a high inventory of used trucks and SUV's and private sellers and dealerships have realized they can get more out of them by selling out of state. I am not sure why exactly, but its better to be safe that sorry.   Make sure you are buying for a reputable dealer and it doesn't hurt to run a car history report from a 3rd party service like carfax.

If you have done your homework and have found a vehicle that you need shipped, then the good news is that we have nationwide network of qualified shippers that get the job done professionally and at a reasonable price.

What Your Need to Know about Shipping a Car

There are several basics that are good to know when you start the process of shipping a car from Texas, California or any other location. These include:

1.  Check your quotes and contracts very carefully before signing.
Make sure there are no mistakes made over terms and addresses. Double-check the zip codes for the pick-up and delivery addresses. Trust absolutely nothing to verbal agreements, and never pay up front. You will likely never see or talk to the shipper again, your problems will be at the delivery end. Make sure you avoid surprises with firm written quotes and no surcharges.

2. Consider the weather conditions, and plan accordingly.
Even though car damage during transport is rare, extreme weather conditions do add some risk.  Nothing would ruin the excitement of receiving your new car, only to find that it has somehow been damages.  Choose a closed carrier if you are concerned about weather conditions, it costs more, but sometimes is worth the extra cost.

3.  Your final price is not based solely on the shipping distance.
Your flexibility on dates can save money. Also, the accessibility of the location of shipping and delivery can affect price. If a driver has to navigate a winding and narrow country road, expect the delivery to cost more.

If you are shipping a car from Texas or any other area in the US, and have questions, please give us a call or request a free quote online.

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