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Jan 16, 2024

The majority of American households have at least one vehicle and we rely heavily on these vehicles for transportation. That means, wherever we go, we will most likely bring our vehicles with us. Whether you are moving your family, sending a child to college, or purchasing a new vehicle, there are many scenarios where a vehicle would need to be transported. That leaves you with two options: either drive the vehicle yourself or hire an auto transport service. There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to use an auto transport service and here are a few of the advantages. 

Saves Time

One of the main reasons people choose to use an auto transport service is because it saves them a great deal of time. It could take several days out of your busy schedule to drive a car across the country. This requires time off work, away from kids, and away from home. For this reason, many people choose the convenience of auto shipping. 

Saves Money

Many people assume it will be costly to ship a vehicle but once you begin adding up the costs associated with driving yourself, you will soon find that driving can actually be more expensive. By the time you factor in travel expenses such as food, lodging, gas, and maintenance costs, you might just find that you are paying a similar amount to drive yourself. Additionally, you might have to take time off work or use up your vacation time which only adds to the expense. 

Less Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Driving your car hundreds or thousands of miles can put an enormous amount of wear and tear on your vehicle. This decreases your car’s value and adds costly maintenance and repairs to your to-do list. When you ship your vehicle, you avoid adding those extra miles to your car and you ensure it is well protected from the hazards of the road. 

Less Hassle

When you are planning to drive your car across the country, you are forced to think about lodging, rest stops, gas stops, and meals. This adds quite a bit of planning and stress to your plate. Not to mention, you might encounter traffic congestion, bad weather conditions, or maintenance issues. You can eliminate the worry by arranging to have your vehicle shipped safely with an auto transport service. 


Traveling for hours on end in the car can put you and your family at risk for accidents due to drowsy driving, road hazards, or poor weather conditions. That’s why it is beneficial to let an auto transport company take care of your vehicle. This allows you to hop on an airplane where you can relax and have confidence knowing that you and your vehicle will arrive safely at your destination. 

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