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Jan 16, 2024

If you've never shipped a car before, don't panic.

You're not alone, most people are fortunate enough to go through life and never have to ship their car.

Yes, I said "fortunate".

Because if you ask 10 people about their experience shipping a car, about 3 or 4 of them will give you an real 'earful' about their experience.

Here are 3 Quick Tips to help you have the most pleasant experience possible:

Take your time and do your research

Your choice of car shipping companies is not something you want to make a snap decision about, so take the time you need to check out what the folks at the BBB have to say about the companies you are considering.

Word of mouth is another great source, so if your friends have moved a car before, ask them. (Just be warned about the 'earful')

And, nowadays, online reviews are very popular. There is a great site that is specific to this industry ( where you can read the feedback from previous customers on just about any company. (Full disclosure: we're the top rated company there over the last 18 months, so...of course, we're a fan)

Read the fine print

Don't believe everything you are told by a sales rep on the phone. Most sales reps in this industry are paid on commission (full disclosure: ours too) and will, shall we say...paint things in a slightly different light than...well...reality.

Every company must provide you with the terms and conditions for your order, and it's imperative that you read and understand them. A lot of what you find in there may surprise you, and you don't want the first time you read them to be AFTER a problem arises.

Keep your expectations realistic

The number one complaint that you will hear from people is "the carrier was late for (pick up/delivery/dinner etc)".

Remember - carrier's "offices" are on the road; and as we all know from our own experiences on the freeway, sometimes a two hour trip can become a four hour trip without warning (especially here in Los Angeles). Truckers have to deal with that everyday.

Now - carriers will always give you estimates (and the carriers we use are really great at hitting theirs) but if you try to take their estimates as more than that, or if you try to consider them (*gasp*) 'guarantees', then you are greatly increasing your chances of frustration.

Stay in touch with your carrier (we always provide you their number) and notify your broker of any problems or concerns, and you should be just fine.

(Also remember - if you are looking for an estimate for car shipping, you can use our Free Car Shipping Calculator without having to provide any personal info. Enjoy!)

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