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Jan 16, 2024

How to Make Your Car Pet Friendly

Taking Rover on a car ride is about the most exciting thing in some pets’ lives. But, whether you are transporting a dog, cat or sugar-glider, there are some rules, tips and tricks to make riding in a car with pets safer and more enjoyable for you both.

When in Roam

Never allow your pet to roam free about the cabin. Some hazards include:

  • Choking on small pieces of food, toys or trash.
  • Pets are curious beings. Allowing your pet to wander under seats could result in them becoming wedged or possibly dismantling important car features like alarms.  Worse, a smaller animal could become settled underneath the brake pedal.
  • It may be cute to let Rover’s slobbery tongue fly with the wind as he pokes his head out the window. But, many accidents are reported from animals jumping or wedging themselves through car windows as well as the dangers from flying debris.
  • If an accident were to occur, an animal becomes a projectile if not properly restrained. Your pet could lose his life if he flies through a windshield or slams into you.
  • NEVER put an animal in the back of a truck. It’s a very scary situation for an animal to be tossed back and forth, along with the wind and scents of every kind.  Many deaths are reported, to the animals and to people, from animals jumping from moving vehicles

Safety First

The best place for your pet is the backseat and either in a travel carrier or secured with a harness. There are many models available that buckle into your car’s seatbelt.   Your pet will let you know which they prefer, a carrier or a restraint.

Whether it’s a trip around the corner or a long journey, it’s safer for all when EVERYONE is properly secured inside a moving vehicle….even your furry friend. Shipping your vehicle across state lines, or across the country? Contact Ship A Car Direct today for a free quote, or to simple talk to a qualified shipping professional. Be sure to ask about our damage-free guarantee, and read through our dozens of five star reviews!

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