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Jul 10, 2024

Shipping your vehicle across state lines requires different protocol than shipping to another country. No matter where your vehicle is  going, we’ve got your solution: the right information to lead to the right outcome!Let’s begin, for a seamless shipping experience.

Documentation You’ll Need to Ship Your Vehicle

Let’s get into the legal nitty-gritty of what’s needed to ship your car. Using a shipping company will require you to demonstrate that your vehicle is registered and insured. Shipping within the United States include:

  • Title and Registration. You must provide proof that you own the vehicle with the original title. If there is a current lien on the title, you must provide a letter of permission from the Lien Holder.
  • Proof of Insurance. Proof of insurance is required; show a copy of your insurance with dates that a4re unexpired.
  • Photo ID. You cannot ship your vehicle without a valid photo ID. A driver’s license, passport, etc. are all appropriate forms of ID.

If you are shipping your vehicle to another country, it’s another story! By knowing what you need to provide, you can make the shipping experience a simple one! Here’s what to bring:

  • Original title and registration.
  • Proof of Insurance;
  • Valid photo ID;
  • Bill of Sale;
  • Sales Tax Proof;
  • Import Duty;
  • Original Power of Attorney.

Shipping a Car Is Easier than Driving It Yourself – Here’s Why

The truth is, your car isn’t safer when you drive it yourself – it’s safer on a carrier. Experienced drivers who do car shipping for a living have the experience and knowledge to handle driving in every road condition, from hectic highways to construction laden roads. The cost of shipping a car will vary, based on the following factors:

  • Distance vehicle is traveling
  • Value of your vehicle
  • Type of trailer (open or enclosed)
  • Make and model of your vehicle
  • Cost of fuel at the time of transport.

Seamless Shipping Within Your Budget 

Have you bought a car that you need shipped across state lines, or across the country? Ship A Car Direct is the best broker in the shipping business. They aren’t worried about their bottom line – they’re most concerned with your satisfaction (because that’s truly a win/win!) Contact them today and learn all about their door-to-door service and damage-free guarantee AND just how they promise you’ll be 100% delighted with your car shipping experience. 

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