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Jan 16, 2024

If you are shipping your car to a new location, you may be wondering if your vehicle meets the legal requirements of its new destination. Tints, registration, emissions and other factors could lead to legal consequences or fees so it is important to be aware of the laws in place at the new destination of your vehicle. This helpful guide will walk you through some of these concerns so that you can make sure that your car meets the legal requirements for where you are shipping it to.


In the United States, the restrictions on tinting for windows vary from state to state. Providences of Canada and other countries have different rules. Check with local laws to make sure the tint of your window is legal.

Here are some states to use as an example. In Arizona, window tints can be added to reduce light transmission for a reflection of 35% or less. This is much different than the state of Delaware that does not allow any alteration of a vehicle's window. The tints of Delaware vehicles may only be altered by the vehicle's manufacturer.


The registration laws of motor vehicles vary from state to state. However, a general rule of thumb to abide by in the United States is that all registered vehicles also require proof of insurance. The license plates of cars, as well as the tags or stickers that must be placed on these plates, also vary from state to state. Whenever a person moves, it is important to consult with a DMV in their new state to make sure that they abide by any local motor vehicle laws and regulations.


Each state in the United States has standard emissions ratings that must be met by vehicles in that state. It is important to abide by these laws and to get emissions inspections when needed. To make sure that your vehicle is up to these standards, check in with the local DMV or local emissions inspection testing location.

International Concerns

Shipping a car internationally can provoke other questions and concerns. When only visiting or traveling, it is possible to drive abroad without changing the license plates of your vehicles. This changes if your trip turns into a long-term stay. It will also be necessary to get European Green Card insurance for the vehicle. Your vehicle will not be able to get through European customs without this insurance.

Shipping your car to a new destination doesn't have to be stressful. By being mindful of various laws, you can make sure that shipping your car to a new destination can be done as seamlessly as possible.

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