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Jul 10, 2024

Are you handing your car over to a car shipping company but aren’t sure what you need to do to minimize the typical risks that come with auto transport? Our quick and informative guide will teach you the common problems that can occur, and a streamlined solution! 

You’re on a Tight Deadline

If you need to have a vehicle shipped, you may have a tight deadline you’re working with. The right car shipping company will be able to accommodate your needs—as opposed to you feeling like you need to accommodate theirs. Being as flexible as you can is key. Ask shippers how quickly they can deliver your vehicle and how much notice they need to schedule your vehicle for shipping so you can plan according. 

The ‘Poor Communication Pitfall’ 

Knowing everything up front – from their toll-free number to their pricing – is essential for a great shipping experience. Make it a point to remain in good communication so you’re clear about the process. On the same token, if they’re not available for you to communicate with, find another carrier that will be. 

How Do You Avoid These Common Problems?

The first, and most important step, is to find a good shipping company that can get your car safely from one location to another. Before you settle on one shipper, check reviews, shop around, get detailed quotes, and determine what services come with the quoted cost. You should also make sure that the chosen shipping company services the destination you have in mind. Then you can make an informed decision on the best choice for shipping your car. 

No Less Than the Best 

At Ship A Car Direct, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customer’s vehicles with as much care as we would with our own.  Whether you have a classic or vintage vehicle, we’ve got the perfect transport option and carrier for your unique needs! Contact us today and learn about our damage-free guarantee! 

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