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Jan 16, 2024

Car technologies are designed to make driving easier and simpler. However, the sights and sounds of technology can be distracting—and can even cause an accident. This article will cover the important question of, “How much is too much?” so you stay as safe and sound on the road as ever before.

GPS Navigation Touchscreens

More cars than ever before are being built with GPS navigation touchscreens to make driving easier. The screen looks exactly like a regular computer screen with an operating system and installed software. Instead of using a mouse, you touch buttons on the screen to make various commands, such as typing in an address or changing the route. When using a touchscreen, don’t take your eyes away from the road. The most common cause of accident occurs through distracted driving, so find a time to adjust your navigation system before you start driving.


Some televisions are built into certain models of cars, while other sets are sold separately and must be installed. Most in-car TVs are not made for the driver to watch; however, drivers can easily tune into a program by sound. Listening to the sounds of a TV program is likely to distract their attention. So, wherever the television is placed, be mindful that even listening to what’s on the TV can cause accidents.

Satellite Radios

In-car satellite radios provide more listening options than standard AM and FM radio. There are hundreds of stations to choose from, including talk radio, news and entertainment, and podcasts. Channel surfing is just as distracting as texting or talking on the phone, and can cause a catastrophic accident, in the same way driving under the influence can.

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