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Jan 16, 2024

Congratulations! You’ve finally done it – you’ve found and bought the car of your (online) dreams! That’s phase 1. What’s phase 2? Getting it home, and you’ve got options: pick it up, or ship it. This blog post will uncover the pros and cons on both, so you can be an informed buyer every step of the way.

New Car, New Challenge

You’ve bought your new car online, which means you’ve saved yourself the time, stress and hassle of purchasing it through a dealership. The not so great news? You need to pinpoint the best way to get it shipped to you. Picking it up is a great option, if its relatively close to where you live. Unfortunately, many times it’s not. Here’s how to handle it.

Tips for Shipping Your Car

  • Weight the pros and cons of having the dealership deliver it. Sometimes a dealership will deliver it for a fee, which you can negotiate as long as they don’t have to take it too far. If your vehicle is on the other side of the state or country, shipping it can save you time and hassle. Spend time shopping around a few car transit companies, and shortlist the ones with the most competitive price, most comprehensive insurance and best reviews. These ‘3’ are your golden ticket to finding the right company for you.
  • Be flexible on delivery dates. When you find the right shipping company – one that is reputable and experienced (run for the hills when you discover they have hidden fees!), you’ll need to agree on an estimated delivery date. Keep in mind, the more ahead you plan your transit, and the more flexible you are on a shipping due date, the better off you’ll be.

Most shipping companies will do their very best to accommodate you, but they may not be able to guarantee the date you request. Why? Because of uncontrolled variables such as the climate and weather, changing road conditions and unexpected detours. They should, however be able to provide you with an accurate window.

  • Think outside the box. Consider the factors of when and where you’re having your car shipped to. If it’s winter or the summer, allow extra time because of extreme weather conditions. What you shouldn’t compromise on? The quality of the shipping company.

Ship a Car Direct is America’s number one shipping company. We offer an unparalleled consumer experience, by finding only the best shipping companies to fit your needs and your budget. We don’t trust everyone, which is why we pride ourselves on saying “No” to hundreds of companies and only work with the best. Over 600 5-star reviews will prove it!

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