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Jan 16, 2024

Here's a great recommendation from an auto transport review site. Not only was the customer happy, but also he raised some good points about the transport process. Of course we love hearing auto transport reviews when a customer is pleased with the service and that is exactly what many potential customers want to read when they are doing their research on us. But car shipping reviews can also be very informative and help first-time shippers gain more insight into the process. All of the most common shipper concerns were mentioned in Charlie's feedback, so let's take a closer look...

"I have a friend in the industry so I knew the general issues, the fact that you have to find a market price to get someone to take your car, etc. Tom helped me understand his pricing proposal."

We've all gotten used to a fair amount of belt-tightening, coupon-clipping and bargain hunting, but looking for the cheapest price on your transport may lead to misunderstandings about pricing in the transport industry. The cheapest quote you get may not be the best bargain, as it might not be priced to confirm a carrier immediately (or in your time frame). It is important to be aware that carrier availability is regular, but not always available "on demand" for a budget-friendly price. Your needs may require a pricing adjustment so it's important to find a representative - like ours - who takes the time to assess your situation and suggest your pricing options.

"Tom helped me understand ... the logistics in that my first available date was the last day I was in town. He worked to get my neighbor's information if he was the person that gave the keys to the carrier."

As mentioned earlier, carrier availability is regular but it is not always immediate or "on-demand". (And that's true no matter how much notice you give us when you place your order.) It's always a good idea to allow for some flexibility - either with your timing or with your pricing. In Charlie's case, he needed his car up to his last day in town. Some customers can make their cars available a day or two before their "drop-dead" deadline. Or some customers have a friend or family member as a back-up, like Charlie did. Or some customers prefer to let a better price point be their "back-up".  Let us know where you can be flexible as well as your restrictions so we can help you troubleshoot your move.

"The carrier...allowed me to send a couple boxes in the trunk."

This is an interesting point, because we don't actually recommend shipping personal belongings in your vehicle. We can't, because technically our license doesn't allow us to accommodate that. But in practice, some drivers will overlook a box or a bag of non-valuable items left in the trunk. You definitely don't want to try to cram your vehicle with the contents of your bedroom, or all of your favorite computer equipment, or your grandpa's violin collection. A driver can't overlook that, for a few reasons. If it affects the weight of their load, it requires them to charge you more or make you remove items. Hundreds of pounds of additional weight can also increase the chance of undercarriage damage to your vehicle. Not to mention that items left in the vehicle can't be insured (because technically they aren't supposed to be there.) In this case, Charlie and his driver took a risk. But even if you are willing to chance it, ultimately it's the driver's decision.

Thanks to Charlie for the great recommendation and food for thought! As you read car shipping reviews, consider the issues and expectations other customers have especially if they match your concerns. Please give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions about any auto transport review or our comments here. Happy shipping!

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