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Jan 16, 2024

The growing prevalence of internet fraud is unsettling, which is why it’s prudent to take a savvy approach to online buying and selling. Selling your car online, for instance, is a tricky process that demands attention to detail and acute awareness. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle via the web, here are some tips you should heed to ensure both safety and hassle-free handlings.

Know Your Car’s worth

Money-grubbing individuals are notorious for taking to the internet in search of naive sellers. Determining the worth of your vehicle will help avoid situations in which potential buyers walk all over you. Once you’ve set a price, stay firm. Some tools that’ll help determine the value of your car include and Kelley Blue Book.

Provide Documents

Nothing screams ignorance quite like being sorely unprepared. Much like buying a vehicle, selling your car is a demanding undertaking. Scrambling to find all the documents last minute makes for a messy process, so it’s best to gather them beforehand. Some items you’ll need include the title, bill of sale, release of liability, as-is records, warranty documents, and maintenance records.

*Pro tip: Each state has its own requirements. This guide will tell you what additional documents you'll need to provide, if any.

Choose a Reliable Advertising Source

Craigslist has earned a bad rap for being riddled with con artists. Unfortunately, all classified advertising platforms are crawling with these deceptive individuals. Here are some reputable sites that aren’t as infamous for fraudulent activity: Kelley Blue Book, eBay Motors,,

Prep Your Vehicle

When attempting to sell your car to prospective buyers, the appeal is paramount. What’s more, you’ll want your vehicle to be alluring in pictures. With that said, most sellers opt for a car wash, interior cleaning, and waxing before advertising their precious cargo. If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can replace weathered floor mats, purchase new tires, and wash the windows.

Be Inquisitive

When corresponding with a potential buyer, questions go a long way. Ask for their full name, determine if they live in your area, clarify how you’d like the payment, and get their contact information. To ensure that you’re not being scammed by a computer “robot,” give them a quick call before moving forward. In essence, knowledge is power.

There’s Strength In Numbers

If you’ve found the perfect buyer and you’re ready to meet in person, there are some unknowns you should be wary of. After all, you’ve only just met this person on the internet. Most choose to bring along a friend for added safety. While there’s no reason to be unduly paranoid, the buddy system has never failed.

Shipping Your Car

If your buyer is requesting that you ship your vehicle to their location, it’s best to establish a contact at their auto transport service that can provide you with professional updates. This will guarantee and smooth and informed process.

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