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Jan 16, 2024

A kit car is an automobile sold as a set of separate components whereby the buyer assembles it into a fully functioning vehicle. If you need your old kit car shipped to a new location or you are purchasing a new one, it is advisable to work with a reliable auto transport company. This is a company that handles the transportation of the car to your preferred destination. Here are the tips.

Choose a trustworthy shipping company

It is usually hard to trust someone you barely know with your precious vehicle. It is highly regarded that you carry out detailed due diligence on the company that is going to ship your car. The most recommended companies would be the one with all the equipment and staff with verified skills and reputable car shipping experience. This will ensure that your priceless antique is accorded the best service during the entire shipping process. It also assures you that the car will be safely and efficiently delivered to the intended destination.

Book a slot on time

Shipping a car typically takes days or weeks depending on the option you choose. As soon as you decide on the best auto shipping company to use, it is advisable not to waste any more time. Book a date immediately to avoid stress and unnecessary rushing on the last minute.

Choose your best transport service

There are typically two shipping models for kit cars. The enclosed and open auto transport shipping models. The open auto shipping model means that your kit car will be shipped alongside eight other vehicles in an open-air trailer while the enclosed auto shipping model is a model whereby your car is transported in an enclosed case. Both shipping models have their pros and cons. The open auto shipping model poses small risks to your vehicle while the latter is quite expensive.

Study and understand the shipping company’s’ shipping insurance policy

It is highly advisable to understand what the shipping insurance policy to comprehend what the insurance covers and what it does not. You should consider more detailed insurance coverage for your precious kit car for the best protection in case of an accident during the shipping process.

Adhere to the recommended preparation procedures

There are important procedures that should be followed prior to shipping your vehicle. It is important to follow each step as outlined in the shipping guidelines. For instances, the gas tank should only be a quarter full, and the car should not have any leakage problems. Also, you should remove any valuables from your vehicle and prepare to handle instructions containing any unique details regarding your vehicle to the shipping company.

Avail yourself during the shipping

An inspection should be carried out on the vehicle before and after transportation. During the process, you should be available to receive progress updates and any other relevant information. Also, the truck driver may require some useful tips to determine the best place to drop off your car. Upon successful shipping, you should verify that your vehicle is in the right conditions.

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