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Jul 10, 2024

Ship a Car Direct has been providing auto transport services for over 13 years. We have shipped cars from auto auctions all over the United States. Because of our reach, we can provide you with the best possible deals on shipping a wide range of vehicles.

Auto Transport Services at Ship A Car Direct: Access to Auction Auto Shipping

Whether you're looking for prices on shipping an affordable family car or a luxury sedan, we have what you need!

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Do You Want Enclosed or Open Transport?

Open transport is the most affordable option for transporting a vehicle you buy at an auction. However, because this method is open-air, your car may get dirty during the shipping process.

As a result, it's best to choose open transport for lower value vehicles or cars you want to be fixed up down the line because enclosed transportation doesn't allow any outside interference with its cargo. If you're willing to pay more but want a safer experience, go with enclosed transport.

Open Transport: The Cheapest Way to Ship a Vehicle From an Auction

If you decide on using this method, ensure you have full insurance coverage before moving ahead with transport arrangements. If anything happens on the route, there will be no surprises at either end of delivery!

With our competitive rates, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. Our experience with auctions and shipping vehicles means we understand the car must remain in top condition. We have all the necessary insurance required for auto auction shipping, but we pride ourselves on our record or delivering the prized possessions without damage. Our shipping services give you access to many auctions, and you won't have to worry about sloppy handling.

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As you'll see, from our excellent BBB rating and 5 Star Auto Transport Reviews, we are happy to earn our reputation as the Customers #1 Choice Car Carrier Service.

There are many reasons to choose us:

  • We're known for our excellent customer service.
  • Highly rated auto transport company.
  • Years of experience in the car shipping industry, including auto auction transport.

America’s Most Trusted Auto Transport Company

You can count on Ship a Car Direct for excellent customer service and affordable pricing when it comes time for relocation or other auto transportation needs, including taking cars to and from auto auctions.

Ship a Car Direct provides secure transportation of vehicles nationally while ensuring customer satisfaction through excellent customer service and reliable delivery times. We're ready to help ship your car to the following action. Call us today at (866) 854-1023.

Auto auction transport is more than just a quote for a price and a time for transportation. It requires skill to handle the two-way delivery of vehicles to auto auctions. We're an experienced auto transport company and vehicle shipping company with thirteen years of experience providing auction transport services.

People Use Our Auction Transport Services to Save Time and Headaches

At Ship a Car Direct, it's not just about getting your vehicle moved safely and on time but also helping you save money too! We strive all day long, every day, to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

To maintain an excellent reputation over 13 years of transport services is a testament to our team's dedication. We know and appreciate the trust customers place in us to handle every aspect of taking their vehicle to and returning from auctions. Many members of our customer base have stayed with us throughout our entire operating history and use our services regularly. Check out the long list of top-rated reviews from real customers.

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