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Jan 16, 2024

There are several reasons why you may need to have a vehicle shipped. Perhaps you are moving a long distance and you need to transport more than one vehicle. Or it might be that you are purchasing a vehicle from another state. Whatever the reason, if you have found yourself in need of auto shipment, the first thing you have probably considered is the cost. It’s understandable that you want to save as much money as possible on auto shipment, but it is also important to understand that many factors go into determining the cost of shipping a car. Although some of those factors are out of your control, there are many others that you can control and can help you reduce your expenses. Consider the following tips for shipping your car affordably. 

Avoid Peak Season

You might be surprised to find that auto shipping has a peak season, but it certainly does. Vehicle transportation is most popular during May-September while the winter months are usually slower. If you aren’t in a hurry to ship your car, you can save some money by avoiding those peak times. 

Choose Terminal-toTerminal Transport

Although many shipping companies will offer door-to-services, you can also expect to pay more for this added convenience. You can save some money by choosing terminal-to-terminal shipment which means you will need to drive your car to a designated terminal before and after transport. Keep in mind, however, that some terminals will charge a daily storage fee so you don’t want to keep your car at a terminal for a long period of time. 

Choose Open Transport

Most shipping companies will also offer the choice between shipping your car on an open or enclosed carrier. Unless you have a luxury or antique vehicle that requires additional protection, you can save yourself some money by choosing open transport. This is the most common method for auto shipment and can save you as much as 50% on shipping costs. 

Be Flexible With Delivery Dates

Most auto shipping companies will allow you to select pick-up and drop-off dates that work best with your schedule, but unless you are in a time crunch, you might be able to reduce your cost by being more flexible. Some carriers will offer you a discounted rate if you are willing to work around their schedule and allow the carrier to choose a time that is more logistically convenient for them. 

Make Sure Your Car is in Running Condition

Shipping a non-running car is more difficult for the auto transporters because it requires special equipment to get your car on and off the carrier. As a result, most carriers will charge a few hundred dollars more to ship a vehicle that is not in running condition. If you can get your vehicle in operable condition, this could save you hundreds of dollars on shipment. 

Shop Around for Quotes

Finally, it is advisable that you shop around for the best price. Any reputable auto shipping company should be able to provide you with a free quote. That said, you should always be wary of accepting the lowest bid unless you have done adequate research. It is important to check customer reviews and confirm proper licensing and registration prior to choosing a company. You also want to ask about any additional fees associated with shipment so you aren’t hit with surprise charges at the end. In addition to looking for a good price, it is always important to choose a company with a strong reputation. 

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